"Haining leather" brand cultivation and then speed

Yesterday afternoon, the Haining China Leather City Plaza became a sea of ​​cars. Private cars and buses from all over the country stopped completely. Leather City ushered in the annual sales season. According to statistics from the Leather City Tourism Distribution Center, the passenger flow of Leather City was 6.7 million in the two days from October 29 to October 30, which was an increase of 5% over the same period of last year.

“This is inseparable from Haining’s strengthening of policy guidance and publicity in recent years and speeding up the promotion of regional brands. In particular, the successful application of the “Haining Leather” regional brand in Zhejiang is like a magnet for a passenger.” Leather City Tourism Distribution Center Related personnel said.

The Haining leather industry is not satisfied with this, and it has continued to accelerate the “motor rotation speed” of regional brand cultivation. In recent days, it has also turned its attention to the creation of an international brand pilot in the industrial cluster region.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Economic and Trade Bureau that as of the end of last year, Haining had 1,954 leather industrial enterprises with an annual output of 31 million pieces of leather garments (sets), and leather products with 7.10 million copies of leather hides and 6.9 million sets of leather sofas. That is, on average, 58 leather productions per minute were completed, and 13 sofas were off the assembly line. In the whole industry, the industrial output value reached 18.345 billion yuan.

At the end of last year, Haining City has been honored as the “China Leather Capital”, “Hometown of China Leather Leather Clothing” and “China Leather Brand Brand Base”. Recently, Vice Governor Mao Guanglie came to Haining City to carry out special research, fully affirmed the efforts of the leather industry promotion and design work in Haining. Then, at the provincial provincial Economic and Cultural Committee's regional international brand pilot demonstration meeting held in the province, Haining City, “Haining Leather” to create a regional international brand work implementation program, won the unanimous praise of the participating experts.

In the next step, the city's leather industry will further expand its brand marketing approach and take the brand development road. Build brand to increase market competitiveness. The number of owned (main) brands owned by the industry has been raised in an all-round manner, and companies are actively promoting the development from the OEM stage to the ODM/OBM stage and accelerating the transformation and upgrading of industrial clusters. Make full use of the brand effect, drive the development of related industries and upstream and downstream products, and increase the competitiveness and influence of related companies in the international and domestic markets.

At the same time, while further consolidating the development of the international market, we will guide companies to improve their skills, transfer methods, adjust their structure, do a good job of “stimulating domestic demand”, develop new products that are suitable for the needs of the domestic market, and establish an independent brand chain monopoly network. Encourage manufacturers with independent brands to integrate brand, product and service resources.

Further emphasis will be placed on the promotion and development of the tanning industry and the advancement of "science and technology." Leather clothing products develop into new areas of fashion, leisure and diversified leather garments. Guide the leather garment production enterprises to introduce international advanced equipment, improve the design level and increase the added value of leather clothing.

Deputy Mayor Xu Yuwei said that the leather industry cluster in Haining actively applied for regional international brand pilots and strived to pass three years of time, and by 2014 it had 3 well-known Chinese trademarks, 5 export brands, 1 regional brand name in Zhejiang Province, and Zhejiang famous brand products. There are 10 famous trademarks in Zhejiang Province, 1 collective trademark, and 38 foreign registered brands.

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