Amelie riche luxury love women's mysterious and romantic new luxuryism

Amelie riche " luxury love from Hong Kong's high-end women's clothing brand, from a touch of gorgeous fragrance of the European court, in the modern city full of desire to show themselves, overflowing with the new atmosphere of classical luxury, she is European The new excavation and interpretation of romantic poetics are the perfect combination of romanticism and neoclassicalism. They are extremely self-noble, mysterious and new luxury.

Amelie riche奢爱

Amelie brand emphasizes the feminine outline of the shape, make extensive use of lace, embroidery, hand-decorated and Other practices, adhere to the discerning artistic vision to request every piece of clothing. Dedicated to bringing the most exquisite and luxurious European dress experience to Chinese women and striving to be the most perfect dress consultant and preferred brand of urban fashion women in China.

Amelie riche奢爱高级女装 神秘浪漫的新奢华主义

She is 25-45 years Old, self-confident and independent, full of inspiration, taste unique, have their own perseverance and the corresponding living space; she has a good education, a high degree of knowledge and accomplishment, a stable income She is passionate about life, enjoys nature, uses a calm and tolerant heart to respond to the ever-changing message, and knows how to care for her, to cherish everything better, to take good care of her and take good care of her , So that each side of their style are boundless; they are a steady hit faint Fragrant incense, is amazing in the downtown that a shock, turned around the corner of time people forget the curl remnants of time; they fall into Van Between the princess, noble heart, exuberant luxury ...

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