10 effective arrangements with quality sleep

On a cold winter day, we are more attached to the bedroom, attached to sleep, and design the bedroom space well. From the bedding of the bed to the setting of the lighting and the arrangement of the details, the bedroom can be more comfortable and pleasant to sleep.

New year and new weather, love life from home, Baodi Home Textiles Aijia consultant introduces you to 10 effective bedroom layout methods, so that you have a good quality sleep.

1, the perfect bedroom lighting bedroom is used to sleep, therefore, the lighting should be as soft and warm as possible to create a relaxed atmosphere. The total light source should be from the ceiling, but some auxiliary light sources can be added as needed. For example, when you install a light above the closet, you can quickly find what you want. For your convenience, you can add bedside lights to the bed so that you can turn on the lights without leaving the bed. If you prefer to read on the bed, you can install a wall lamp or a small table lamp on the bedside. The height of the installation should be limited to the whole book. To make the light softer, it is best to add a lampshade to it.

2. Gentle and considerate bedding According to the different temperament of the individual's physique to choose the quilt suitable for their own thickness, if you are afraid of cold physique, you may need a warm quilt, and vice versa.

Quilt covers and sheets can be selected according to personal preference for materials. Generally speaking, cotton products are good. When buying, pay attention to the higher the number and density of cotton products, the more comfortable the hand feel and the more resistant to washing.

10 effective arrangements with quality sleep

3. The overall color matching the overall color of the bedroom is mainly to look at personal preferences. It is safer to use light colors (white, beige, gray, brown) as the keynote, and at the same time add various patterns and textures according to personal preferences (such as cushions, Curtains, various ornaments, etc.) to increase the fun. The advantage of light color is that it is easy to match with accessories, it can be decorated according to the season, or you can add other color elements with confidence. The warm colors (red, orange, yellow) can make the interior full of warmth. At the same time, we must also consider the orientation of the room. The room facing south to the sun is better with cool colors; the room facing darker is better with warm colors.

4. The traditional Chinese bedroom "feng shui" orientation lays a soft wool rug in front of the bed, which will make you feel good when you get up. The orientation and surrounding objects of the bed should also be noted: if the bedroom is large and the bed is placed in the center of the bedroom, the bed should not be close to the window; there should be no mirror reflection in front of the bed; in addition, try to put sports equipment, computers, and televisions as far as possible. Conspicuous position.

5. Curtains to protect sleep For those who need a dark environment before going to sleep, you can use blackout curtains or window stickers, hemp or other thick fabrics can also be used; can also use venetian blinds. If you need some light when you sleep or if you want to wake up when there is sunlight coming out of the window, you can use light curtains or filterable roman shades; in addition, a half-open vertical curtain is also a good choice.

6. Some small details: Slippers and pajamas are put on a good carpet in front of the bed, so that the first time you wake your feet in the morning, you will feel comfortable; prepare a pair of comfortable slippers and a fit for yourself. Pajamas are certainly not indispensable.

7. Essential oils and aromas Essential oils for bedroom use include chamomile, geranium, lavender, sage, lemon, etc. These essential oils have a relaxing effect, especially lavender, which allows the bedroom to have a relaxing atmosphere and sleep. Very helpful.

8. Relieve tired pillows and choose pillows according to personal habits. People who are used to lying on their back should choose a high pillow, while the pillows on the side should be higher. People who like to sleep on their backs should choose a low pillow.

10 effective arrangements with quality sleep

9. Comfortable mattresses When choosing a mattress, you must consider the height, weight and type of different mattresses: tall people should choose a hard mattress; those with light weight should choose Soft mattress. The best way to find the mattress that best suits your sleep habits is to lie down and try.

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