2012 local underwear brand opener, Love yarn baby evidence of the rise of China's underwear

Not long ago, I have written " Love yarn from Shenzhen three stores together, see the rise of China's underwear," a text that has aroused the attention of industry insiders and recognition, and in 2012 New Year's Day, Love yarn baby Northeast Mudanjiang and Yanji two stores Opened, evidence of the rise of the trend of China's underwear, sang the local underwear brand 's "good start!"

Say good start is a "potential", and "potential" come from? "Potential" and what is it? I believe that "potential" is the cornerstone, is the "spirit", only the cornerstone of solid, before building high-rise buildings, only the everlasting spirit, it will not neglect their leisure.


The same is true for enterprises, there is no solid cornerstone, there is no momentum, it will eventually short-lived! How to set up the cornerstone of business? What is the cornerstone of business? I understand the cornerstone of business as "responsibility, integrity, innovation, transposition," we love the world as an example:

Since the establishment of Love yarn costumes, the principle of keeping women's health and beauty as their responsibility has been taken as the mission of Love yarn. This is the "responsibility" of Love yarn clothing because of the "responsibility" and love Yarn won the "China's favorite brand of women's underwear consumers favorite"; in 2011, Love yarn won the "safeguard the interests of consumers - the integrity of service satisfaction brand", which is Love yarn costumes "honesty"; 2011 love yarn The success of the magic underwear research and development, triggering the third revolution in underwear, prompting the hot performance, which is Love yarn costumes "innovation" is Love yarn "spirit"! Everyone is a producer, is the consumer, love yarn know this, so Love yarn dress often empathy, its four brands: Love yarn Baby, GetFit, Bai You Ti, IFEICE to meet different consumer groups.

Love yarn won the honor given by consumers, enough to prove that the efforts of Love yarn garments recognized by the public, enough to prove that the cornerstone of love yarn baby solid enough; enough to prove that the new underwear represented by love yarn apparel companies are thriving, Rise of the trend, unstoppable! This will be a blessing for the Chinese people: Chinese underwear culture will open a new chapter, Asian women friends will have more suitable for the Asian body type of healthy underwear.

Youdao is second-rate wait and see, female friends quickly pick a healthy fit for their own underwear, if you are examining investment projects, underwear Black Horse Love yarn baby will be a good choice!

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