Warm clothes "noble" welcome winter

"Too expensive, too expensive! Thousands of dollars, and one month's salary for a piece of clothing is gone." Over the past few days, when reporters interviewed in the New Century Department Store and Zhongbai Shopping Mall, the customers looked at thousands of pieces. Yuan's clothes shook his head.

Right now, has entered the season to purchase winter clothing, clothing prices in major shopping malls have skyrocketed, most of the shopping mall clothes have been thousands of dollars, while the wholesale market is also selling hundreds of thick coats. This year's clothing has gone so far as to be too far off. Some people even expressed their desire to pull out the old clothes last year for the winter.

It can be seen that the increase in clothing prices once again makes consumers feel “injured”.

Survey: The new down jacket “noble” winter temperatures fell day by day. Last weekend, Ms. Liang Min, a citizen, shuttled frequently to shopping malls and clothing wholesale markets in Wanzhou to prepare winter clothes for a family. Ms Liang carefully found that the new cold-resistant, lightweight, comfortable down jackets, detachable down jackets, and fur garments were a lot more expensive than in the same period in previous years.

"Last winter, the length of women's mid-length down jackets and down vests ranged from 800 to 1,000 yuan. This year, women's mid-to-long down jackets all reach 2,000 yuan, and some styles are close to 3,000 yuan. They all catch up with sheepskin coats!" Liang Min told reporters that she found in a down store that this year's down jacket prices rose across the board.

The reporter also visited the down apparel market for several consecutive days and found that the prices of the new shelves of Bosideng, Jieao and other branded down jackets were significantly higher than last year. “This year, the raw materials used to make down garments are rising. Whether they are stuffing or chemical fiber or cotton fabrics,” said a clerk at a store, the price of new down jackets this year is 10% to 20% higher than in previous years.

Another brand down apparel agent introduced high-quality feathers containing 90% cashmere this year. The price per ton last year was 80,000 yuan to 100,000 yuan, and this year it has risen to 2-3 million yuan per ton. A double, in addition to down jacket fabrics, lining, accessories are rising prices. “Brand companies need 4 to 6 months of operating cycle from new product designs, raw materials purchase to wholesale and retail, brands that are prepared early in the spring, and the new prices added this year will remain stable.”

In addition to the new down apparel prices, the new fur prices also went up significantly. Women's jackets are only 80 centimeters in length. The new price is more than 2,000 yuan more than in previous years. The price of the same type of mid-to-long-sized jackets has risen by more than 30%.

“The sales of fur garments have been increasing year by year. The supply of raw materials is in short supply.” The clerk of a fur brand shop in the new century said that the market price of male furs was about RMB 220 per sheet last year, and this year it rose to RMB 280 per sheet to RMB 310 per sheet. Zhang and Fox skins rose even more, from last year's 300 yuan / Zhang to 400 yuan / Zhang rose to the current 500 yuan / Zhang to 600 yuan / Zhang, the skin has also risen to a certain extent. The market demand for fur at home and abroad is increasing, the supply is insufficient, and prices will naturally rise.

Analysis: Why is the price of clothing higher?

According to a reporter's query on a professional website, from October 2010 onwards, cotton prices have been highly praised. By March this year, domestic cotton prices have exceeded the mark of 30,000 yuan/ton, reaching the highest value in ten years. However, domestic cotton prices have been falling all the way since then and they have fallen to 19,000 yuan/ton, a drop of up to 44%.

According to industry sources, many textile companies are still in the destocking stage. The main reason is that last year's cotton prices rose sharply. Cotton spinning companies have piled up cotton and expanded their production capacity. This year's cotton prices have fallen sharply, far exceeding the general expectations of manufacturers. The cotton bought back increased production costs and led to higher prices.

The increase in labor costs has also directly led to a rise in apparel prices.

At the same time, the supplier supply system has also led to an increase in the cost of agents.

Weapons: Two strokes can help you to save money to online Taobao clothing. In the face of branded clothing, there are thousands of situations. Many people have expressed that they are unbearable. They have lamented that “money is worthless”. In the past, residents who did not have online shopping habits also started to move online. Some netizens said, “The price of clothes in the store is really unacceptable, and online shopping can now be tried on the spot. I haven’t bought clothes in the store for a long time.” Compared to clothing brands in the market, online clothing has also risen to some extent. However, the price advantage remains obvious.

Shopping malls engage in sales promotion and start again. “The same brand of home textile products of the same type, there is not a price drop in the newly listed products.” Yesterday, the relevant person in charge of clothing on the second and third floor of New Century Department Store told reporters that there are many factors in the price increase of winter clothing, in addition to raw materials. In addition to the price hikes, new designs, product upgrades, and rising commercial rental prices will indirectly increase the retail prices of apparel and home textile products. “Consumer demand has been rising year by year, and the number of high-end brands in the provincial capital has been steadily rising in recent years.” The official suggested that during large-scale holidays, shopping malls will carry out small-scale promotions and customers with limited capacity. You can wait until then to be more affordable.

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