Zhuo Ying women specifically for 25-40-year-old sophisticated mature women tailor-made

Joem Zhuo as the flagship clothing company's flagship brand, its excellence lies in the style of the single master of heart, the style of the ages, breaking the boundaries of fashion and professional wear, that is not rigidly adhere to and not slack, fashion wear, fashion And rich and personalized, designed for professional women to show a "simple fashion, elegant and soft" cultural connotation.

卓影 - JOEM

Zhuo Ying's design philosophy is: simple and not simple, stylish and not exaggerated, elegant and more sophisticated charm for the unique style, advocating elegant, stylish, confident, full of feminine urban image of women. Is designed for 25-40-year-old elegant, mature women tailor-made, melt into a dignified and elegant career wear, casual casual relaxed as one, pay attention to details of the changes, both piercing the inner beauty, but also reflect the maturity Female charm. Apparel tailoring For women of this age group, their body shape, concise lines and appropriate dividing lines are emphasized on fabric comfort, drape and three-dimensional tailoring, highlighting the soft curves of women, masking the shape defects of mature women and fully revealing the implicit , Soft, generous but without losing the personality of the modern city of women new image.

卓影女装 专为25-40岁高雅成熟女性度身定做

Zhuo Ying women tailored to the lifestyle of urban career women, to meet the multi-functional career dress needs of women, both to meet the formal needs of access to advanced grade and business executive suits, but also to meet the relaxed casual fashion casual wear. Boutique section, full of women in formal occasions and leisure life balance and harmony of beauty.

卓影女装 专为25-40岁高雅成熟女性度身定做

Zhuo Ying mainly to plain, pure color, elegant, soft, neutral. In order to meet the dress tastes and aesthetic needs of the urban working women, both the fashion color and the intellectual middle color are adopted in color to show the inner charm and cultural charm of urban white-collar ladies.

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