Snow dream clean underwear "Phoenix dance. Shower fire" 2012 autumn and winter orders will be concluded

April 17, 2012, "Phoenix Dance. Shower fire" as the theme of the snow dream clean autumn and winter orders will be held in autumn and winter in Shantou hotel, Mr. Xue Yang Jie, general manager of Xue Meng Jie, the company's top management Officers and agents from all over the country to attend in full, but also get the support of the mainstream fashion media, get together and join hands to witness this fashion festival, hand in hand to a new level of innovation across.


Phoenix Nirvana, ashes. The order was released Xuemei Jie autumn and winter 2012 new products, new season products have a major breakthrough: First, the new design concept; second series of fresh appearance; Third, high-tech applied to the Fabric , the original snow Mengjie underwear Excellent product quality to a new height. The venue around the dream of a dream, Jane Eyre, Dream Midnight Blue as a static order fair, showcase new trends, analysis of the trend of autumn and winter fashion underwear trends.


Good dreams series


New corner

Autumn and winter snow Mengjie, respected French romantic urban sense, creating a romantic aesthetic, elegant atmosphere. Fashionable simple add appropriate sexy elements; modern injection of vintage elements, interpretation of a low-key luxury and elegant feeling. Exquisite tailoring and high-grade material selection, each set reveals the perfect designer's request. Designers will be innovative elements into the product, with details, popular technology, international tailoring and other products to create the comfort and texture. Agents from across the country have said that the products of 2012 autumn and winter fashion style generous, unique design, distinctive features, very place, will be the most outstanding autumn and winter market products, confidence in the autumn and winter markets.


Xu Mengjie fifth generation terminal image

With the development of Xuemengjie brand growing, increasing visibility, in order to unify the brand image, improve the impact of terminal sales, the company started in the end of 2011 brand promotion plan, spending huge sums to promote the construction of a new VI, the image of the fifth generation terminal fully consider The display of goods needs, consumer shopping experience, the international popular visual requirements and many other factors. Props, merchandise, the perfect combination of the three elements of the image, so that consumers will be able to fully feel the atmosphere of a fashion store, bright light level of the map reflects the high quality of underwear. The fifth generation of terminal image has been officially opened in 2012, the country Xuemeng clean storefront will usher in a new image, the first step in the terminal victory.

During the fair, Xuemengjie also commended and rewarded outstanding agents for 2011 and awarded the best sales award, best matching award, best team award, best progress award and best image award, respectively. The bonus gift rich, lively atmosphere, guests applauded bursts, all of them are full of praise and encouragement.

Looking forward to the future, unlimited wonderful. The order will bring the snow dream brand to a deeper level. I believe in the fifth generation of the terminal image of the introduction of snow dreams will usher in a new round of leaps and bounds, and ultimately to enhance sales performance, driving brand fully upgraded development goals.

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