Was thin WISDOM & B dress pink swept May

Japanese street girls wear the hottest is wearing a thin one-piece dress, dazzling combination of attractive and outstanding color matching, wearing the body is full of pleasure.

贞智美 - WISDOM&B

Consistent with the large U-collar design, so you easily complete the double wear Oh, take the strap vest inside to make the more beautiful, this will be your favorite!

显瘦WISDOM&B连身裙  粉嫩席卷五月

Jumped spring chiffon chunks. Full of girls sweet temperament, always irresistible, with buttons seven sleeves stitching lotus leaf patchwork hem, cardigan strap design. Pure color chiffon dress, to create a charming elegant lines, it is envy endless.

显瘦WISDOM&B连身裙  粉嫩席卷五月

Elegant temperament LADY favorite new election, V-neck lace, wide-sleeved style, chest line at the seams elastic design. To create a great femininity charm curve, with a long version of vest or plain sweater. Transparent light through chiffon wear lectures, can easily be completed.

显瘦WISDOM&B连身裙  粉嫩席卷五月

Sweet and trendy girl is a single product. Plain without making simple doctrine, tied with water Jade Dot bow brooches, will make the girl become sweet yet. The most popular long version of one-piece cut, with wrinkled princess sleeve design, absolutely have a lovely Department of the charming magic!

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