Burson-Marsteller, the first-tier domestic menswear brand, joined hands with Huang Xiaoming

Recently, the domestic first-line men's brand - Busen Men formally signed with television star Huang Xiaoming renewal, which is the second contract since Huang Xiaoming and hand in 2008. Busen men and Huang Xiaoming's four-year cooperation has been the Busen Men's endorsement and support of all employees and consumers. At the initial cooperation, Mr. Wang Jianjun, chairman of Zhejiang Busen Garment Co., Ltd., once said: "Xiao Ming is a male artist of the new generation. The image is healthy, stylish, elegant and steady. This is in line with the corporate image and brand positioning of Bu-sen "Time proved Wang's statement: In the past four years, Busen Men's cooperation with Huang Xiaoming was very successful: Busen Men's brand building, channel development, product sales and achieved good results, And successfully listed in April 2011. At the same time, Huang Xiaoming, by virtue of his talent and tireless efforts, has made achievements in performing arts circles year by year and has become the first niche in mainland China. The cooperation between the two parties complements each other and serves as a common promotion. In this year's cooperation in content, Huang Xiaoming addition to the casual clothes Busen endorsement, will increase the formal dress full range of products endorsement. It is understood that in 2012, Busen men's investment of 25 million yuan newly opened high-end suit production line, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and employ internationally-experienced technology division, to create a leading technology in the country, the material leader in the design of leading high-end suits. After the product is online, Huang Xiaoming will use the more healthy, mature and fashionable image to continue promoting Burson-formalwear brand and expanding brand influence. On the basis of having the cooperation experience, the leader of Busen men is very optimistic about this continuous cooperation: "Our brand quality is gradually improving. Mr. Huang Xiaoming, as the first niche in the Mainland, is also increasing its influence rapidly and has a good platform for cooperation. Perfect point, there will be a better future. "

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