M & C Fan Di Men elegant superior temperament and confidence

M & C's outstanding men's temperament, elegant and confident, full of romantic chivalrous spirit, showing extraordinary male charm. M & C is not just a men's brand, but also a symbol of integrity, dreams and a never-ending spirit. Italian fashion swept the world, including all European fashion brands, half from Italy, and pay attention to free, casual American fashion is different from the Italian fashion is always beautiful and high quality to win. Among these brands is particularly popular is M & C, his classic minimalist yet youthful design, with the flexibility of the modern material, given the new clothing, we can say that created a unique fashion style. M & C places great emphasis on quality Made in the highest quality factory in Italy, which is why wearing M & C will feel comfortable. After the introduction of China, M & C in full reference to the Chinese characteristics of the premise, the selection of the world's top fabrics, using the teacher's design and work together with the Italian factory Seiko secret agents, bit by bit reflects the unique sense of luxury Italian fashion and a unique Come sexy.

We supply both Skived PTFE Film Adhesive Tapes and PTFE Coated Fiberglass Adhesive Tapes,which are made from our high quality PTFE coated glass fabrics and skived PTFE film,plus imported  silicone or acrylicadhesives. Thickness from 0.06mm up to 0.30mm, max width can reach 1500mm.

 PTFE coated glass fabrics

The General Characteristics is:            
*Optimal release
*Low friction
*Electrical insulation
*Dimensional stability
*Excellent temperature resistance:
*Acrylic adhesive: -40°F - +350°F (-40°C - +177°C)
*Silicone adhesive: -100°F - +500°F (-73°C - +260°C)

PTFE Adhesive Tape

PTFE Coated Tape, PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tape, PTFE Adhesive Tape

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