TOUCH BLUE casual cowboy people can not refuse simple elegance

TOUCH BLUE brand is derived from the thick European and American aristocratic culture background, self-dissection in the blue nature, gallop in the polo arena, the world advocates this can completely release the self-movement, since the 18th century has swept the present, is unable to give up Self-soul embodiment, but also to defend the nature of an environmental law; emphasis on elegant sense of conquest - concise, elegant and implies that people can not refuse the power ------- its design is simple, with bright colors, will be Innovative and classical all the details of the structure in a not out of time values. "TOUCH" on behalf of the European and American nobility campaign, "BLUE" on behalf of the feelings of European style. Leisure, fashion, business, personality, classic. Yupai (TOUCHBLUE) brand to consumers first concept: "casual" "free and easy," "green", style located in the leisure, business, fashion, classic, environmentally friendly nature, highlight the stylish, healthy and energetic self. The use of 3D three-dimensional shear load, after 26,000-pin sewing, 128 procedures, 30-bit ironing stereotypes, 18 after the entire inspection, selected high-quality zipper, fine button accessories, lace art, after multiple processes from the sewing process , From the car, the alignment is more and more layers, so that the size parameters accurately close to the human body shape, so that version of the upper body more comfortable and decent. . Emphasize high-quality original design, the combination of fashion design and comfortable lifestyle, advocating a comfortable and natural lifestyle.

Roller Blind Curtain Shade Jacquard Dyed

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