Nylon market prices stable

The market performance of polyamide chips has stabilized, and the cautious sentiment of downstream markets has generally kept the prices of nylon products stable, and some of them are still weak. In terms of POY, the base price of mid-end polyamide POY85D/24 in Zhejiang ranged from RMB 23,200-23,600/tonne in cash to Zhejiang. The price of raw materials began to stably support the overall market. The price decline has gradually slowed down, but the demand in the downstream market is still relatively low. Prudent, hesitant to buy and sell, inventory, Dachang said that it is still up and down for 20 days. In terms of industrial cord fabrics, the market price of mainstream nylon industrial cord fabrics in East China, Shandong Province, is generally accepted at 28,000-28,500 yuan per ton, and the low price of small plants indicates 27,500 yuan per ton. The demand for downstream tires is relatively flat in July-August. The customer's market price remained flat under a slight reduction in production prices. The low price of raw materials also continued to suppress the flat market trend.

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