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After hard work, Iraq's beauty gave birth to a "prominent temperament, from the inside out" such a slogan. This not only contains the history of Iraq's beauty brand, more importantly, he opened the hearts of female friends, so that modern women are advocating young and beautiful, full of dynamic elements of life to meet.


Iraqi beauty lingerie selection of European lace and the world's popular underwear fabrics, fusion of beautiful, elegant design and modern ergonomics, fatology and mechanics, and in accordance with the women's age, height of the human body to calculate the "curve number", plus In line with the human body on the curve of the long-term try to improve the design, comfortable and curves.


Brand Style

With youthful green as the image, full of movement, decoration simple and generous, product diversification, comfort and curve.

product structure

To bras, underwear, home service, slimming underwear, thermal underwear, swimwear six series mainly.

Product Positioning

In pursuit of the beautiful young, dynamic modern women, know how to enjoy life, rich content, pay attention to the quality of clothing urban women.

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