The French army chose new fabric and equipment combat clothing

Soon, the integrated equipment and communications infantry garments, made with Kermel's V50 and VMC40 fiber fabrics, will be worn by French soldiers. The reporter learned from the French Science and Technology Information Service that the combat clothing made of the above two fiber fabrics has passed the tests of the French military and will be put into operation for the first time by the end of this year. Among them, V50 fiber fabric will be used as summer combat clothing, VMC40 fiber fabric will be used as winter combat clothing. It is understood that the flexibility of V50 fiber and the absorption capacity of FR viscose fiber make the warfighter uniform very comfortable to wear and combined with superior heat resistance so that the war suit can adapt to the climate in summer and the season. VMC40 fiber is Kermel's latest research and development of another fabric. Ideal for wet and cold climates, this fiber feels soft and combines wetting with flame retardant properties. After field testing, the two fabrics have a natural flame-retardant properties, after many washing, the combat suit can still be well preserved its camouflage protection. It is reported that Kermel company in the field of protective clothing in Europe has a leading position, the V50 and VMC40 fiber fabrics have passed Oeko-Tex100 certification and meet their health protection standards. In addition, protective clothing made of Kermel fibers is also used in areas such as fire protection, armored equipment, police armed maintenance equipment and hazardous operations.

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