Best Shield prohibits online sales

In view of the fact that a small number of lawless elements currently use the Internet as a sales platform to sell products bearing the brand name of our company. In order to safeguard the legitimate interests of consumers, distributors and distributors in the country, our company specifically states the following:

1. My company owns absolute use rights of BestShield;

2. Our company has never sold any products of the "Bass Shield" trademark on the Internet;

3. Our company has never authorized any distributors, agents, franchisees or individuals to sell the products of BestShield brand online;
4. All products sold on the Internet that are branded as BestShield products can be regarded as fake products. Our company does not assume responsibility for product quality.

5. Any individual or organization that publicly sells or falsifies the sale of the company's products through the Internet without obtaining written authorization from the company, we will actively and promptly adopt legal means to interfere with the relevant administrative agencies of the United Nations, industry, commerce and industry, and investigate relevant matters. Legal and economic joint responsibility is to prevent the occurrence of such violations so as to protect the interests of consumers.

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