Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the "YCMD-Summer 2013 Summer Sale Fair"

The European fashion casual brand “YCMD Yingcai Meidi—2013 Summer Order” of Dongguan Jiahui Garment Co., Ltd. was held at the headquarters of the company from November 24th to November 27th. The YCMD old and new friends from all over the country have attended the event as scheduled.

Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the "YCMD-Summer 2013 Summer Sale Fair"

The 2013 summer collection inherits YCMD's romantic and sweet style. It is inspired by all the beautiful things in the natural world and outlines the fresh and pure design essence of the season. The collision mosaic of color plates is the design highlight of this season. Cozy hollows, wrinkles, soft and comfortable knits and buds and chiffon ... sweet continuation, showing the romantic gentle temperament of women. Diversified in design, the aesthetic style uses neat lines in tailoring and presents a perfect visual sense of three-dimensional garments.
YCMD Yingcaimeiyi intends to create "China's first European leisure brand" and aims to bring European diversified fashion to young Chinese consumers. Create a modern casual wear concept - easy consumption, stylish enjoyment. With the current domestic casual wear popular mass consumption, the enjoyment of the public to make a distinction. Bring the world's trendiest European fashion elements to the design, so that the products can cater to the current fashion consumption demands of young people, while escaping the status quo of simple, monotonous and lacking features of traditional leisure. YCMD-America Join Us Agent: http://

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