JOCEYA new fashion so that the United States more quality

JOCEYA " Zhuoxiya " well-known designer brands, from Europe contains the most cutting-edge design style, by different age, color, language, ethnic women esteem. Has been committed to listening to women's voices, interpretation of the female dream, the unique artistic inspiration and exquisite details of the perfect combination of leading the pursuit of fashion, Metropolitan women in the colorful life to create both exquisite and stylish temperament. JOCEYA has a unique design concept, pay attention to the theme of the series and a single product with the innovative elements of the ingenious integration into our products, the popular interpretation of a JOCEYA elegant, prolonged. . .


Brand style
New fashion! The beginning of a new life attitude! Calm, elegant, sensual, hardcover, loyal to their own feelings and longing for inner peace and tranquility. Emphasis on the character of the spirit, hoping in the noisy city has a Pure Land, longing for urban fashion sentiment, through its own understanding to give its new ideas.

Brand line

Harmonious packaging, so that the United States more quality, more temptation. Products suitable for wearing in different occasions, including accessories, pay attention to serialization and up and down with the internal and external collocation, integration of the most powerful resources, a full range of brand strategy, COPY differentiated brand culture.

JOCEYA新时尚主义  使美更优质

Target customers

25-38 years old, steady income, fashion-loving women.

design team

"Zhuo Xiya" brand has a creative vision, vision, insight into the international and domestic fashion consumer market design team.

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