Italian Accor - European original sense of mixed fashion women's clothing

Italy Feiyan European original sense of the mixed fashion women's clothing

First, the style positioning

Italian-style brand positioning as "European and American urban fashion womens," we strive to create a European sense of origin mixed fashion women's show, Faye Wong fashion, elegant, casual and sexy unique style. Design points, we strive to stand in the forefront of fashion, bringing together the modern international popular elements, based on the original design, the success of the interpretation of the brand new chapter Yiyi Ya

Second, consumer positioning

The target consumer group of our products is the main force of the contemporary middle-class women; they are not entirely the creators of the trend, but the main force of fashion interpretation. They have a beautiful carnival, a mature aesthetic and unique taste; they are introverted and independent, rich in thought and elegance; they are the beautiful scenery in the street and are synonymous with gentleness and grace at home. They walk away from their workplaces and live their lives. They have the wisdom of doing things. They are still pure innocent girls. They pay attention to the external texture, the depth of their connotation, the appearance of elegance and the heart of abundance and individuality. This woman is exquisite, stylish, confident, elegant, independent, and internally and externally.

Third, (brand) series positioning series


Series one: elegant and elegant taste, intellectual, content, elegant (freshman garden)


Series II: Urban fashion comfortable modern comfort (luxury journey)


Series III: romantic romantic beauty of romantic beauty (the ultimate figure)

Over the years, the company has been sharing the latest fashion information with a number of fashion houses in the world, trying hard to mold the low-key fashion that integrates the East and the West, and reshape the "ITAIY" Italian Fashion Lady's brand "Feminine Fashion Oriental Charm"!

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