Card Sibel brand underwear with your hand in hand

Card Sibel is Dongguan City, Ten soft underwear brand. Card Sibel hearted to build women's underwear as the main product of the fashion underwear brand. In today's tide of social development, underwear as a sunrise industry in China, the domestic market underwear brand variety, fishes, the size of the highly competitive brand.


In the search for the most beautiful woman for the purpose of the card Sibel Bell team came into being, by an all-female, experienced, bold, efficient and vibrant team, breaking cocoon out of the silk butterfly. We have been uphold sincerely for customer service, to the family's belief to win-win situation.

卡诗贝尔品牌内衣 与您携手共进

Card Sibel underwear is committed to creating the most valuable sense of underwear, Bracelet brand underwear advocate "you are already beautiful," the beautiful attitude. With the size has nothing to do, the curve is the truth, blooming femininity, there is no bondage, only comfortable, nuanced care, release the woman's beautiful attitude.

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