Su Rui underwear elegant turn to love for you tempted

素芮 - soeru

With its vigorous love for the temptation, it is better to come to a temperament revolution. Temperament is inherent, but not illusory, it go hand in hand. Su Rui , is your inner, your fiber qualities. Only sexy is not enough, 窈 窕 Mature, a beautiful and elegant turn around, so love for you tempted.

素芮内衣优雅转身 让爱情为你动心

Rui Rui Yi Square is specialized in high-end smart Body underwear research and development, design, production and sales of large underwear company. In 2008 the use of memory alloy steel ring successfully replaced the traditional stainless steel rims, breaking the past underwear manufacturers regardless of women can wear, blindly pursue the United States, at the expense of health at the expense of the ordinary steel underwear. Su Rui for thousands of women brought the gospel, so that beauty and health are no longer contradictory, but organic combination.

素芮内衣优雅转身 让爱情为你动心

When the external decoration has become a woman's love clouds, the delicate details of the internal creativity, precious. Su Rui, uphold their philosophy of evolution of beauty, keen on innovation. When you get more affirmation in the workplace, when you see more sparks of love in his eyes, Su Rui is with you, the interpretation of the evolution of fashion.

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