New natural original hemp fiber come out

In 2012, just as the national textile economy was harsh winter, there was such a passionate entrepreneur in Taicang, Suzhou, who worked tirelessly. He was Deng General of Suzhou Tianjin Ma Yun New Material Technology Co., Ltd., Run around the company's flagship product is: natural organic hemp fiber, a use of a variety of patented technology developed new hemp fiber material. As we all know, hemp fiber is the second human skin, known as the "Queen of fibers," said its natural, environmentally friendly, antimicrobial functionality widely favored by consumers and the market has become the darling of the domestic and international markets. With the progress of textile technology, linen products are also increasingly enriched, but it is precisely because of the market, all kinds of hemp fabric products are not gentle, not skin-friendly features, making the use of hemp fabric failed to penetrate the market and people's lives , People wear underwear, underwear, and infants and young children these products became the restricted area of ​​hemp fabric. It is insight into the market vacancies, Deng total and his Tian Jin Ma Yun new materials company developed a new type of natural organic hemp fiber, follow the principle of not breaking the pure, natural hemp fiber, so that the overall performance of hemp fiber have Breakthrough discovery, and successful with cotton, Tencel, modal and chemical fiber, etc., not only make the fabric to reflect the hygroscopicity, cool, breathable function, but also to achieve the slippery waxy soft, similar to cotton fabric Feel; Tian Jin Ma Yun new materials company to achieve this effect, there is a breakthrough in the process of using environmentally friendly throughout the process, low-carbon process, better retention of hemp fiber antibacterial, environmental protection functions. Tianyin Ma Yun new natural materials company's organic hemp fiber, it is based on low-carbon ideas, patented technology, hemp fibers for the care of the processing, so hemp fibers in terms of fineness, strength, length of the main body, such as softness Aspects comparable to cotton, to achieve a combination of hemp fibers and a variety of textile materials, and to enter the underwear and baby products market, truly reflects the intrinsic beauty of the hemp fiber, the inherent effect. With the improvement of people's living standards, people's market requirements are more and more strict. In particular, people have shifted from chasing luxury brands to focusing on the functionality and quality of clothes, natural organic hemp fibers, The advent of finished products, the original hemp fiber and products to a new attitude into people's lives, continued to write a new chapter in textiles. Tian Jin Ma Yun New Materials Technology Co., Ltd. products are as follows: 1. Hemp fiber health: the use of chlorine-free bleaching natural organic hemp fiber to eliminate toxic chlorine bleaching process, not only saves on production costs, but also a breakthrough to eliminate The fabric of the skin poisoning substances AOX generation; 2 hemp fiber is pure: the use of chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides grown using natural organic hemp, the use of physical processing-based production process, to better highlight the hemp products Anti-bacterial, anti-UV and other characteristics; 3. Natural bleaching and dyeing, green: using 100% pure natural herbal plant dyes on the hemp fiber dyeing processing, making it more greenery, but also can greatly improve the fiber antibacterial , Antibacterial effect; 4.Excellent wrinkle resistance and softness: the use of patented technology for dyeing and finishing, effectively overcome the rough, hard, prone to wrinkles and other shortcomings, can make the post-weaving products with soft touch , Anti-wrinkle strong, excellent anti-scalding effect; 5. The comprehensive characteristics of the fabric is strong: the use of Tian Jin Ma Yun series of woven fabrics to And finished products, great retention of the original hemp fiber moisture absorption, quick-drying, antibacterial, anti-UV properties, most of the water repellent on the market characteristics of the fabric, the overall characteristics of a more comfortable and stylish, will be The future market trend.

This is a product designed for paper-cut or embroidery products and their derivatives. They are handmade and made with Chinese characteristics and traditional methods.
Embroidery: The hand-embroidered bag material is made of high-quality fabrics, hand-embroidered by a line of embroidered women, and carefully needle-stitched. The Embroidered Brooch is designed with traditional Chinese butterfly shapes and flower shapes as a sample, traditional and retro.
Paper-cut: Taken from Chinese traditional red paper, the paper is cut by Chinese non-genetic inheritors and senior art masters. The shape depends on the local scenery or legends, especially the portrait paper-cut, which is vivid and vivid.

Three-Dimensional Reel Mounted Paper-Cut

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