Cabei cool handsome motorcycle locomotive experience early mix and match

In 1995 Kabuyi founded in Milan, Italy, to create the most fashionable Milan, Italy, the new concept of the road, specifically for the fashion to provide a high-profile shops of goods. Sexy is not vulgar, fashion is not alone and proud, avant-garde and leisure, neat and easy, bold trend-setting is the rare combination of classic and modern. Regardless of cutting, fabric, color and silhouette, are realistic KABUYI 's fashion wisdom, showing the most in the new concept of life. Since entering the country in 2011, another element such as "Flamingo, Fruit, Underwater World, Leopard, Snake, Stripe, Lattice" has created a colorful and colorful world through fashion art, Free, true and willing to explore the originality of women, creating a new way of clothing.

卡布依 - KABUYI

Black leather must be less undesirable locomotive wind classic, black reflective scales make sense of the more enhanced, within the personality printed T-shirt, handsome handsome cool fashion style.

卡布依酷帅机车风 感受混搭初体验

In addition to extravagant fur accident, it can also be an alternative and exaggerated representatives, full of sense of the existence of fur stitching, MIX yellow leopard print T and black leather pants, to create super handsome style.

卡布依酷帅机车风 感受混搭初体验

A simple cotton pad with a printing destined to be extraordinary, personalized small round neck design simple and exquisite, with dark green scarf and light denim shorts, to create the beginning of the mix and match!

Pearls are the most famous treasures in ancient of China, Pearl Earrings as a noble jewelry favored by people. The pearl Earrings are symbol of identity, and also can satisfy people's desire for holding valuable treasure.
The pearl ear stud or long pendant pearl earrings can be suitable for different occasions. For example, the office woman wear one pearl ear stud on office, it will show the lady`s morbidezza, and the pearl earrings also can make the office is not Serious. The long pearl earrings are more better for dress, adding dress and feminine beauty.

Pearl Earrings

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