Zhuang Tau elegant business women lead urban women high-grade lifestyle

Zhuangzi Ni ", a brand of women 's wear based on the concept of" integrating the international fashion trend and leading the urban women's high-grade lifestyle with fashion culture ", is located in urban fashion women with a simple and crisp design style to interpret contemporary feminine modernity and implicit introvertedness Noble elegance.

庄姿妮优雅商务女装  引领都市女性高品位生活方式

Zhuangzi Ni will be the world's latest fashion and creative elements into the pursuit of simple, elegant, natural, confident urban women's needs among the design, the brand positioning for the urban elegant business women's, quarterly fashion design in France under the joint collaboration of designers to complete.

庄姿妮优雅商务女装  引领都市女性高品位生活方式

The fabric is soft and comfortable, the design is elegant and fashionable, the cutting is simple and graceful, the workmanship is meticulous and meticulous, and more elegant and neutral colors are used in the collocation between styles and colors. The use of the three elements of lightness, longitude, With the clever mix of clothing with a sense of hierarchy.

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