Genabi children's clothing, so wonderful childhood bloom

"SHENBEIER" Genabel --- China's leading apparel brand infants and young children, with a lively and lovely cartoon style as a brand logo, the logo is based on the sun baby's picture, naughty cute blinked, outstretched hands call for a friend. A symbol of the baby happy and healthy, lovely and clever. It is an honest and kind-hearted, friendly, contemporary representative of contemporary infants and young children. It also symbolizes Genpei brand children full of love, focus on quality, down-to-earth, integrity management. Genabi children's clothing, so wonderful childhood bloom! Like a sea-like blue, with washed blue and white jeans, exudes a thick marine style, and color striped vest is an excellent show cute little boy cute and playful. In the child's world, the classic Plaid series will never be missed, handsome and lovely shirt with a small style jeans, casual and atmosphere, back stitching yellow is more personalized and chic. After reading the cute little princess dress, the heroine should also play, playful little vest embellishment in the pink lotus leaf, with cute printing patterns, so wonderful childhood bloom!

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