Emerald cultural history

In the long years, our ancestors created many patterns that yearn for a better life and pursue auspicious auspiciousness. These auspicious patterns incorporate the appreciation habits of the working people and reflect people's good and healthy thoughts and feelings. Therefore, they are widely spread in the society and are popular with people. Auspicious patterns are widely used in ancient jade. "Wearing gold is rich and rich, Dai Yubao is safe", the jade and auspicious patterns of Tianjing and the real jade family are vivid and vivid, and the materials include characters, utensils, animals, plants, etc. The performances are praying for good fortune, peace and happiness, and more. The sons and grandchildren, the promotion of the rich, the joys and the like.

In ancient China, jade was the heavy weapon of the country. The jade wall of the sacrifice of heaven, the jade of the earth, and the customs, shackles, ambers and shackles of the celestial world were strictly regulated. Yuxi is a symbol of the state and the kingship. From the beginning of the Qin Dynasty, the emperor adopted the system of jade as the shackle and has been following the Qing Dynasty. In the Han Dynasty, there were exorcism and three treasures in Peiyu, namely, Yu Wenzhong, Yu Gangyu, and Yusi Nanpei. In the Han Dynasty, the "Yi Zi Sun" inscriptions in the Jadeite of the Han Dynasty are all auspicious and jade. During the Tang and Song Dynasties, some auspicious patterns of jade, especially the appearance of jade carving boys and flowers and birds, laid the foundation for the auspicious jade carving. The jade carving products of various turtle lotus themes unearthed in various places in Liao, Jin and Yuan Dynasty were carved turtles on the lotus leaves. In the Ming Dynasty, especially in the later stage, on the jade carvings, a pattern of “the picture must be intentional, the meaning must be auspicious” is often adopted. The auspicious patterns of the emeralds in the Qing Dynasty include immortals, Buddha statues, animals, plants, and some are also dotted with words such as Lu, Shoufu, Jixiang, and Double Happiness. The emergence and popularity of auspicious patterns in the jade in the Qing Dynasty actually reflected the mentality of the people in the society who wished to bless others, bless themselves, yearn for and pursue a happy life with the help of jade. Jade is a treasure in the hands of the Chinese, and it is the soul of the heart. Gold and silver are worthy of Yudu. Tianjing Dijing Natural Jade Products are novel in form, complete in variety and top quality, including Jade Buddha, Ruyi, Pingan Buckle, Bamboo Festival, Long Life Lock, Fudou, and so on. Rich in meaning, such as a hundred years of good, Longfeng Chengxiang, Fushou Shuangquan, champion and first, even rise to the third level, good luck and so on. .

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