3.8 Women's Day, red beans know your heart - Hongdou group care for women

Woman, princess of 1 day, queen of 10 months, labors of a lifetime. March 8, the only day to give women's love privileges, what do you want? Early off work, refused to housework, OR shopping discount ... ... have a better idea of ​​speed to add, now until March 8, concerned about @ Red Bean Group official, forward microblogging + privilege desire [email protected] three friends, that is, Opportunity to get yew laundry detergent, hurry!


Hongdou Group is a key enterprise group in Jiangsu Province, the State Council, one of 120 deepening reform pilot enterprises. "Hong Dou" trademark was recognized as a well-known trademark in China by the National Bureau of Industry and Commerce in 1997. Its main products have passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification and owns a number of "Chinese famous brand" products and "National Inspection-free Products". Over the years, red beans with excellent sales performance ranked the top 100 Chinese garment industry runner-up. In 2007 achieved sales of 18.1 billion yuan.

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