Fast fashion brand Metersbonwe spring men's best-selling single product recommendation

China's first fast fashion brand - Metersbonwe Metersbonwe spring 2013 new products already freshly listed it! In the face of dazzling array of goods, you are not dazzling, especially the men who have always been seeking simple and fast, shopping for them is usually a big headache thing. Xiaobian today Xiaobian solve the troubles for you men, recommended several Metersbonwe spring selling a single product, for men with intimate match, to create a handsome and tasteful dress! Metersbonwe × Naruto. Naruto is popular popular cartoon for many years, has a lot of fans in the world. This season MTEE and Naruto launched a cooperation section, the Naruto Naruto character image printed on the chest, restore the comic moments, so that fans crazy. Baseball shirt is the essential tide goods this season, this section of the baseball shirt hooded design very young and energetic, hit color design adds trendy atmosphere, the combination of forefinger lettering and flocking fabric embroidery process, rich visual effects, bring Thick American casual style. Use the most suitable fit the public fit version, two different color options, with jeans you can easily out of the street. Net color hedging sweater, collar collar heap design generous fashion, big body net color for matching, version of the fit body, take the outside can wear. Collar neck collar design generous fashion sense of the whole design greatly enhance. Under the take cowboy, handsome extra points, full of vitality. High-quality fabric is soft and sweat-absorbent breathable, more comfortable and comfortable to wear, giving you a great skin experience.

Covering Spandex

This series spandex were specially designed for covering yarn, able to meet the different requirements of air-jet covering yarn.core-spun yarn and traditional covering yarn.  Different specifications of the spandex are suitable for covering yarn in different processes; provide a rich choice for downstream customers.


12D  15D  20D  30D  40D   70D


  • Excellent heat-resistant property
  •  Great elastic recovery rate
  •  High  strength
  • lMeet all kinds of covering yarn machine

Covering Spandex

Covering Spandex

Covering Spandex

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