Automotive window glass sealing is not strict solution

[China Glass Net] After the window glass is damaged, it is necessary to replace the glass with the same curvature as the original window glass, and at the same time check the glass guide groove and the sealing strip for damage. Since the window often fails to return to its original shape after being repaired, in addition to ensuring that the window glass can be easily pulled or lifted, it is also necessary to pay attention to the tightness around the window glass after the window is closed.

When changing the roof, first apply a layer of conductive sealant at the press-fit around the roof. After welding, apply the folded edge glue in the flow tank and the joint. This will not only help the body seal. It also prevents the car from being exposed to early rust due to water accumulation at the flange weld. When assembling the door, a whole piece of sealing isolating film should be attached to the inner panel of the door below the window. If there is no sealed sealing film, it can be replaced by ordinary plastic paper, and then the sealing film is pressed and compacted. Perform interior assembly assembly.

When repairing a door with a sealing flange, care should be taken to repair the damaged sealing flange and accurately restore the shape of the original flange. The sealing inspection should be carried out after the door is repaired. The inspection method is: put a piece of cardboard on the sealing position, close the door, and then pull the paper, and judge whether the sealing is good according to the magnitude of the pulling force. If the force required to pull the paper is too large, the seal is too tight, which will affect the normal closing of the door, and will also cause the seal to lose its sealing performance due to the deformation of the oversized surface; if the force required to pull the paper Too small, indicating poor sealing, there is often a phenomenon that the door does not block the wind. When changing the door, be sure to pay the edge glue at the inner and outer plate flanges of the new door, and block some small process holes left during stamping with the base tape.

When repairing the car line, all the holes in the body hole and the hole in the hole should be put in place, because these seals not only serve to seal, but also protect the wire harness. If the seal is damaged or the harness can be rotated or swayed in the seal, replace the seal and secure it with the body hole and hole to secure the harness.

When replacing the entire body, in addition to the above items, a layer of sealant should be applied to the lap joints and welds of the weld. The thickness of the glue layer should be about 1 mm, and the glue layer should not be viscous. Defects such as bubbles; special folded edges should be applied at the hem; the lower surface of the floor and the lower surface of the front wheel cover should be coated with 3mm-4mm elastic coating and anti-corrosion coating; on the upper surface of the floor and front The inner surface of the board should be affixed with soundproofing, heat insulation, vibration damping film, and then covered with insulating felt, and then carpeted or decorated with a decorative floor. These measures not only greatly enhance the sealing performance of the vehicle and slow down the rust rate of the vehicle body, but also greatly improve the ride comfort.

Square Bag Hanger

It`s one popular shape of our Metal Bag Hanger-Square Bag Hanger. As the name, it`s a square. The material of the process of the Bag Hangeris zinc alloy die casting, the logo could by debossed and laser engraving. The price will due to your final design.


Description of Square Bag Hanger

Item: Square Bag Hanger

Process: Die casting/Printing

Design: Customized

Material: Zinc alloy

Size: Standard size or custom size

Thickness: Standard size or customized

Plating: Imitation gold/real gold/antique gold/misty gold/silver/misty silver/antique silver/brass/misty brass/antique brass/copper/misty copper/antique copper/nickel/misty nickel/antique nickel/chrome

Color: Custom (soft enamel/hard enamel/synthetic enamel/printing)

Attachment: metal chain

MOQ: 100pcs

Usage: catch the hand bag

Packing: 1pc/polybag

QC Control: 100% inspection before packing, spot inspection before shipment

After-sale service: Free replacement if find out any short or defective goods within 90 days after shipment

Sample time: 7-12 days

Production time: 18-20 days


Payment: 100% in advance for small orders; 30% deposit, 70% before shipment for big orders.

Square Bag Hanger

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