MORRESI air conditioning fiber clothing

MORRESI air conditioning fiber clothing has been listed in the near future, let you get together with friends for a moment, cool and comfortable, a total of welcome Olympic. MORRESI original use of air conditioning fiber, carefully crafted summer clothing line. Especially the biggest bright spot - balance the temperature difference function, more like "mini-air-conditioning" in general, can automatically adjust the human body temperature, let you cool to welcome the Olympic. In addition, air conditioning fiber clothing more perspiration cooling, regulate body temperature, natural comfort three functions. The unique PCMS microcapsules can buffer the external temperature change, keep the temperature within a certain range and feel comfortable. The scientific perception of the temperature difference of various parts of the human body automatically adjusts the body temperature and the whole body is transparent. The perspiration rate is fast, Moist heat feel instantly disappear, clothes and mood as pleasant.

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