Caroline Women's Outstanding Personality, Into Life

[Carson Castle] insists on the originality of the design. [Cathor Castle] is always aware of the fashion in front of others, designers are not soaked in other people's boutiques and counterfeit fashion magazines to engage in design; nor is it to go its own way, but through the next store to do shopping guide, visit [card Castle] consumer home, visiting furniture stores and shopping malls, cafes, bars .... to understand [Caso Castle] consumers want to live what? What are their requirements for fashion? Then through the integration of fashion elements, highlight individuality and embrace life. Consumers are the designers of the brand. Their endless pursuit of a better life is the consensus of all of them.

[Casso Castle] Product Style, Category, Retail Price:

Consumer groups

25-35 Independent and Confident Fashion City Women

design style

Elegant, romantic and natural

Fabric characteristics

100% Korean, Japanese fabrics, excellent feel, comfort, easy cleaning and maintenance, and environmental protection.

Product Categories

Woven, Knit, Wool, Fur

Number of styles

About 210 models in spring and summer

About 240 models in autumn and winter

Spring and summer clothes


Retail price is about ¥280-480


Retail price is about ¥330-830

Short skirt

Retail price is about ¥280-380


Retail price is about ¥280-380

Fall and winter clothes


Retail price is about ¥280-380


Retail price is about ¥330-480


Retail price is about ¥280-380


Retail price is about ¥330-680


Retail price about ¥380-880


Retail price is about ¥680-1280 yuan


Retail price about ¥2000-7000

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