Weisi Man brand women's trendy shooting with the recommended

Another year is coming in summer, do you think about what kind of shape you would like to spend this passionate summer? Weisi Man brand women's fashion moves, Hipster Street beat collocation recommended to teach the majority of MM how successful in the hot summer eye!


▲ H-type dress, loose and comfortable, double hit the color effect, orange and white collocation, the line of sight, a sense of hierarchy at the same time more prominent · · ·


â–² fake two piece jumpsuit design, the upper thin and light silk fabric, fresh and elegant, collar metal decoration allows you to become the focus of the visual. This style is not the legendary cute it?

Polyester Full Draw Yarn Cationic is considered a modified polyester fiber, there are cationic dyeable sulfonic acid groups within the fabric structure, allowing for improvement in its dyeability, and has high degree of staining power. Only a small amount of dye is needed to get a rich and deep color, enhancing the vividness of the dye. Saturable dyeing can be done under regular pressure and 100℃ conditions,Excellent dyeing fastness, can improve the dye migration problem encountered during the laminating and gluing processes.


Widely use for Casual wear, sportswear, jackets, and outerwear.


Polyester Full Draw Yarn Cationic

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