G-Dragon Quan Zhilong Modeling rule outside the crazy ruler

Ben Wang, May 23 hearing, talented youth is a patent for the entertainment industry, this circle is never short of fashion, but no shortage of madmen. Although the styling effect is a matter of opinion, but when it comes to combining these points in one, and using a big-name conventional single product to break the reorganization of the fashionable madman, non-powered Zhilong is none other than.

Givenchy has become an outspoken street brand in recent years. This Givenchy 2013 spring and summer models of the Virgin Avatar T-shirt in the show model also carries the meaning of philosophy and meditation, to the chicken Yongjun who immediately has a charm temperament. Although Quan Zhilong's height is still a mystery, but the short legs did not affect the power of blowing up and being righteous.

Although the whole set of dark Saint Laurent is a bit skeptical about whether this is still a full-fledged Quan Zhilong, it is not too many people dare to control the style of college sports jackets and British rock style jeans. Not to mention the fact that Quan Zhilong, who has suffered a right foot injury, needs a cane to make him stay in the "fashionable lunatic" level.

Saint Laurent has become the favorite brand of Quan Zhilong after Givenchy and Chanel Women. But sometimes he looks like he is wearing a small suit, really longing for him to be able to put on a trousers so that we can lower the psychological defense. This is the time to challenge Ch'ung Chung who is watching the guests. It is a second without stopping. It's enough to bring Audrey Hey like a big brim hat. This figurative shirt is tied around the waist to express something from Mars. ?

Please do not turn your eyes and say, I just want to learn chicken Chunjun do yourself, I love how to wear on how to wear. Please first look at whether you have an inherently fashionable factor. Even the trendy madmen such as Quan Zhilong are so unacceptable to mix and match everything. Passers-by must be so mad at any time to become a non-mainstream player.

At the Beijing concert, Quan Zhilong played a wind of locomotives. His long robe and laser sunglasses made it feel like he was hiding in the dark and smiling.

The style of Quan Zhilong's Beijing concert is also all black. In addition to the golden belt around the waist is really a little exaggerated, the different texture of the dark black with a eye-catching white large cross necklace has a cold and swagger of disdain for the world. The knit hat on the head makes it easy to recognize that this is the standard style of a Korean star.

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