Playing cards competing clock: Snow Vanni speed and game

雪凡妮 - SOFANI

A huge spades card printed on a 2.5-meter poker card, the Sofani logo above the spades, stands out and the paper clock in the upper-right corner hangs silently. June 29, in the snow Fanny 2013 autumn and winter conference field corner, and a unique style of playing cards next to the clock beside it attracted the attention of many merchants, this has a special meaning in the image modeling also led to the viewer Many conjectures.


On the second floor of Snowvanni headquarters sales office, this sloping poker becomes a landscape. Two dressed in the modeling body of the snow Vanni autumn and winter new bright and beautiful, supplemented by white background spades pattern background, even more elegant and refined. There are some differences between the spades in the design and the real poker cards. In the spades they are mixed with five-pointed stars, circles and abstract graphics, making the overall image full of blurred feeling. The dangling clock while the black scale and hour and grid as the center element, deep and elegant shape.


It is understood that this is the creative work of Snow Van Ni display division, playing cards represent the game, while the clock represents the time and speed. The display teacher wants to convey the market competition with this style is like a game in time, the speed of the game's moral.

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