Monthly report on production of Chinese cotton textile enterprises

Monthly report on production of Chinese cotton textile enterprises In July, the purchase amount of raw materials and inventory of textile enterprises all increased, and gauze production increased slightly from the previous month, but sales remained poor, prices remained relatively stable, and product inventories increased. The pressure on corporate finances was further exacerbated.

I. Inventory of raw material purchases (I) Continual increase in procurement of raw materials The total amount of raw material purchases in July increased due to the end of the supply of reserve cotton and the increase in demand for non-cotton fibers to ease the pressure on cotton costs. The purchase of raw cotton increased by 12.93% month-on-month, and the purchase of other fibers increased by 68.23%.

(2) Raw material stocks increased in the same period of the previous year in July, tracking raw material stocks of the sample companies by 23.70% year-on-year, a slight decrease of 0.46% month-on-month, of which raw cotton stocks increased by 28.36% year-on-year, an increase of 6.15% from the previous month, and stocks of other fiber raw materials excluding raw cotton were slightly higher year-on-year. Decline by 0.25%.

The release of reserve cotton ended on July 31st, and most companies are concerned that no cotton can be purchased before the listing of the new cotton. In order to ensure normal production in the later period, it is necessary to increase inventory. The decrease in imported cotton stocks in raw cotton stocks indicates that companies are more inclined to use better-quality imported cotton to meet customer needs and ensure product quality.

II. Product Production In July, the demand in the downstream market was still insufficient, and due to the large raw material and product inventories, the company’s capital turnover was difficult. To maintain the normal operation, we adopted a large amount of preferential pricing policies to balance operating costs and stabilize the workforce. Make sure you have a hard time.

In July, the yarn output of enterprises decreased by 2.05% month-on-month, of which the production of pure cotton yarns and chemical fiber yarns decreased while that of cotton blended yarns increased. From a cumulative point of view, the production of pure cotton yarns and purified fiber yarns tracked by enterprises from January to July increased from the previous period, but decreased compared to the same period.

Tracking the company's cloth production decreased by 6.02% in July, including the decrease in cotton blended fabrics and purified fiber fabrics, and the decrease in the number of purified fiber fabrics by more than 50%. From a cumulative point of view, January-July cloth production increased by 2.49% year-on-year.

Third, product inventory tracking Company data show that yarn inventory increased by 10.83%, of which cotton yarn increased by 23.61%, cotton blended yarn increased by 19.16%, purified fiber yarn decreased by 15.80%. Cloth stocks fell by 1.59% month-on-month. Except pure cotton fabrics, the inventory of cotton blended fabrics and purified fiber fabrics increased in varying degrees.

IV. Sales Situation In July, the sales situation of the company still showed no signs of improvement. To maintain the customer's ability to maintain the original price, the yarn and cloth products were relatively stable. From the tracking of corporate data, the average price of 32 yarns of pure cotton was RMB 28,300/ton, which was basically the same as that of the previous month and the price concentration was lower than last year. Some enterprises adopt the methods of adjusting the ratio of cotton blending, use long-staple cotton and high-grade cotton in cotton blending, improve the yarn quality and product competitiveness, and the selling price is far higher than the average market price. The average selling price of pure cotton combed 40 yarns was 33,100 yuan/ton, which was basically the same as the previous month, which was an increase of 1,100 yuan/ton from last year. The price of cloth products was between 12-13 yuan/m, which was basically stable compared to the same period last year.

Although sales were better than last year, they were significantly worse than the previous month. Excluding positive growth in cotton fabrics, cotton blended fabrics and purified fiber fabrics declined in varying degrees. From January to July, cumulative sales of yarn products increased by 3.24% year-on-year, 29% from the previous month; cloth products increased by 5.60%, a decrease of 4% from the previous month.

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