Jade related history

Why did the ancients see jade so precious?

Ancient people are superstitious and believe that jade has the effect of preventing evil spirits and avoiding evil. Use jade to make cups, bowls, saucers and other ritual utensils and jade bracelets, jade, rings, cigarette holders and other decorations. Third, the toughness of jade is strong and can withstand the hammer hitting. This feature cannot be compared with diamond. Utilizing the color of jade and this advantage, it can be carved into exquisite crafts and decorations such as animals, flowers, pavilions and pagodas.

The world's largest jade was mined from the seabed near 芸tre, California, in 1971. It weighed 5 tons and was named "King of Jade." In 1977, a piece of soft jade weighing 28 tons was found in Watson Lake, Canada. In 1978, a larger piece of jade was found in the Myanmar area, weighing 90 tons. But as early as 1960, a large jade was excavated in Xiuyan County, Liaoning Province, China, with a volume of 106.8m3 and a weight of 267.76 tons, which is 144.76 tons more than the total weight of the three major foreign jade. The texture is fine and the transparency is good. It is the world. The real "King of Jade".

If the gems have radiation, they are harmful to health.

As for the so-called "all kinds of gemstones have different magnetic fields, they can be cured by radiation to the human body", which is even more ridiculous. Liu Guobin said that in order to improve the quality of some stones, high-energy electron accelerators can be used for radiation treatment, and the trace elements in them are activated into isotopes, thereby changing the color and increasing the value. For example, the topaz, which is light blue and not expensive, can be turned into a very expensive natural aquamarine after being radioactively treated.

However, some of these radiation-treated ores must be worn after a year and a half of decay, and their radioactivity is reduced to a safe dose that the human body can withstand. Some have to go through three or five years or more to meet the requirements of safe wearing. If the gem does not pass the radiological safety test, it is worn on the body and is harmful to the body.

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