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It refers to the kind of fashion. It is not the kind of old people who have become the Mediterranean place to support the central government. After the pressure is placed on the head and the cotton hat is like the fear that others can not see the wig . The emergence of this situation, I think the children are really filial, can not spend a few more money to let the father and mother put on a natural fake door?

For example, you are a teacher, a civil servant, a policeman, you can't dye a red hair to go to a nightclub, and it's slow. If you really want to go to a nightclub with a red hair, get up in the morning and have a black hair who is in danger and teach people to serve the people. ? Answer: Wig.

There is also a kind of hipster, I like to wear red hair and green eyebrows, what should I do when I go to work? I can't scare the guardian grandfather to worry about the security guard, and bring the boss to give you a pay cut, so you can wear a regular hair wig.

In short, there are not many people who pay attention to this gadget, and there are many people who like it. There are a lot of people who are ready to play a few.

The wig is of course divided into 369, etc., tens of cheap, expensive tens of thousands. Here only talk about the quality of the grades, the kind of wholesale market night market stalls are not discussed. Mainly wigs sold in department stores and SHOPPINGMALL channels.

At present, there are not many brands, and the main ones often heard about Rebecca. Also seen in some shopping malls, like stockings, not at the door of the bathroom or at the corner of the stairs, really not to see, until one day I heard some sales performance, sucking a cold, undercover, not birds what. . .

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Acrylic photo frame,Acrylic Brochure Rack,Acrylic Brochure Stand,Tabletop Brochure Holder,Acrylic Brochure Holders

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