2008/09 autumn and winter yarn and knitwear men's fashion trends

The two extremes of trend development: exquisite elegance and rough simplicity remain clear in the season. Delicate and neat structure in line with the functional needs, but also can reflect the wave of futurism; handmade sense to create a simple effect, the traditional pattern of modern approach to handling, make knitwear more approachable. Theme One: Autumn Real This is a mature theme, inspired by the autumn woods, ripe fruit. Rich texture, enhance the sensory stimulation. Color: autumn earth tones, soil color, ripe fruit color, bark brown, dark green, ablation orange as an important mention of bright color. 13-0859 TPX16-1150 TPX18-1442 TPX19-1617 TPX18-0328 TPX16-0836 TPX19-3714 TPX19-4104 TPX19-0315 TPX Yarn: fluffy yarn, fancy thread, low count, as if handmade , Rough texture, lightweight, multi-material blend. Theme 2: Gypsy baron contrasting color combinations to create a rich alien style, retro silhouette and pattern into a more stylish cutting-edge expression. Color: full of ethnic style palette, squirrel green, earthy yellow, as well as dark red, dark purple, orange and gray-green and other bright colors light up the line of sight. 17-1464 TPX18-4330 TPX14-0244 TPX16-1338 TPX19-1850 TPX18-4105 TPX15-1046 TPX19-0810 TPX19-3519 TPX Yarn: a fluffy or faux fleece material, low count, crochet lace, graduated or impregnated Effect, thick lines. Theme 3: Gentleman sports Tennis, golf, equestrian, and hunting ... The concept of sport expands to a higher level without the need to deliberately emphasize dynamic, calm and easy-going looks that embrace a vibrant heart. Color: light and elegant color combinations, dull beige, light brown and white, adding a contrasting bright colors as a decoration, to meet the movement means. 13-5304 TPX12-0704 TPX12-4306 TPX18-4510 TPX16-1360 TPX17-0000 TPX17-0909 TPX13-0220 TPX Yarn: Simple, high-tech functional yarn or blended yarn, breathable, elastic fiber as a single Yarn or blended, high count, soft feel. Theme 4: The future of urban futurism romantic, urban rigorous, detailed, elegant, perfect combination here. Color: technology sense of gray, pink color, soft colors reveal a bit cold, in the overall shallow palette, dark colors but has become embellishment. 13-4804 TPX13-0715 TPX13-1109 TPX17-5102 TPX19-4205 TPX16-4712 TPX16-1320 TPX16-3801 TPX15-6313 TPX Yarns: High-count, high-count yarns that emphasize high twist and sophistication. The yarn itself has subtle reflections or subtle texture effects.

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