Which brand of children's clothing is more popular with winter cotton suit

Why do so many people are not afraid of cold in winter, because he is wearing more, or because he is wearing very good and very warm clothes. These are wrong, warm to warm on the place, do not blindly wear the best, the best style if there is no match or will be very cold, Kittemelin children's clothing to teach you how to match the most warm winter children's clothing. Photo: Kai Te Miu children's clothing 2013 autumn and winter series The most important thing is the neck, if you wear more neck empty it is useless, so a thick cotton with a scarf, it will be very warm, take a fight within At the end of the shirt, snow boots, leggings, this dress will be very warm Oh. Bright color is the best color for children, childhood itself is a relatively clean and energetic era, so bright dress, it is suitable for children, boring winter with bright colors will also become different embellishment, orange cotton style, bow pattern embellishment , Fancy style is suitable for Mood for Love.

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