ochirly2013 winter series knitted pullover recommended

Warm afternoon sun in winter, mottled light and shade, bright color sweater is the most satisfactory choice. Joker knit easy mix and match, soft personal design is warm. ochirly2013 winter sweater series, refreshing colors give the impression of charming Oh.

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In this season's fashion trends, with a charm and daring pastoral style began to flourish. ochirly2013 winter collection In the digital printing applications, familiar, colorful and vivid floral patterns in a symmetrical manner in the skirt, to give the wild black A-line skirt with more possibilities, so that the wearer full of elegance attitude.


Gradually cold weather, start a sweater after all, a wise choice, wild knit easy mix and match, soft personal design is more warmth of the people. ochirly2013 winter collection of mustard in the pullover yellow mustard, fresh and eye-catching colors give the impression of charming Oh!


I believe you have been very familiar with the wave of printing season, right? ochirly2013 winter series will be brilliant elements of flowers to play most vividly, coupled with the crocodile craft embellishment, rich colors and lower body retro pattern response, even more elegant winter grace.

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