Wits this winter coincidentally with the series of two: wear out of your "only male model"

Coming from 13 years to 14 years, this is about to 1314 men, how do you wear out your "gifted men"? , We strongly introduce the most perfect puzzles by the end of this year, helping you to wear out your "Talent!"! Contains a full set of puzzle modules, there is always a style that belongs to you, interested? Then click to view the details of it! Style 1: Comprehensive Interpretation: Mature man behind a trace of the traditional style, this set of genius jigsaw puzzle supreme detail, small bow knot embellishment, both let you have a mature man side, let you more avant-garde. Highlight one: black gold flat side collar split sleeve West, the interpretation of the mainstream men's elegant aesthetic highlights 2: the perfect combination of small bow tie and jacquard shirt, has a strong visual impact Highlights 3: dress shoes design, through With the steady and charming mature men. Style 2: Comprehensive Interpretation: This set of genius puzzles for fashion people to create, plus long section of the design style allows you to attract attention but also reflect the taste of punk. Highlights: Stitched leather trench coat reveals an irresistible punk atmosphere Highlights 2: High boots and brown leather coat combination, the perfect interpretation of the man's charm, the whole body shape and taste


1.children's 100% Cotton Shorts

2.before and back with pockets

3.High quality and fashionable design

4.Breathable and Eco-friendly

5.We can change as your request

5.Your design and artworks are welcome


Product description:

1.Material: 100%cotton

2.Colour: blue/white/black and many colors are available

3.Season: Summer

4.Delivery time: Around 65days after the order confirmed in normal, according to real order quantity

5.Shipping mode:

a.Sea shipment

b.Air shipment


6.Packing details: According to customer`s requests

Children'S Cotton Shorts

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