The creation of jade works condenses and presents humanistic thoughts and emotions

Shen Lida, chief connoisseur of Zhifuyuan Jewelry, carrying jade pendants and bracelets, elegantly and understated against her bright eyes. These eyes are very clear, and the smile is youthful and moving.

Young she is the author of three jade works. "Jadeite Literacy" is the most easy-to-understand professional book; "Jade Aesthetics" explains the insight and understanding of Jade's practice and research process. Once published, it caused a sensation and was praised as a groundbreaking jadeite work; "Shen Lida speaks jade "It is a popular reading in the collection.

For Shen, jade jewelry is part of her life, flowing in the blood, this fate is born. She is the fifth generation of family jewellery. From the gold shop in the late Qing Dynasty to the most famous Taimei Jinxing and Hengfeng jewellery in Xiamen before liberation, to today's Zhifuyuan Jewelry Company, parents are the inheritors of two famous jewellery houses in Xiamen. From small ears to today's years of work, Mr. Shen has a unique understanding and cultural values ​​for jade. “In ancient times, people liked to leave blessings on jewelry. Jewelry recorded the most beautiful emotions in the world. The predecessors planted trees and the descendants were cool. Everything we have today is the result of the accumulation of our predecessors; Responsibility and obligation to do their part, plant the seeds of blessing, let the fate pass down from generation to generation, is for the blessing." Shen's unique understanding of the family business, jewelry, let her name the company "Zhufuyuan" It is to want to carry forward the love of jewellery that has been passed down from the five generations. In her eyes, the whole life of a person is the process of planting happiness, not how much wealth is possessed, but how much blessings can be accumulated for the people around him and for future generations. The creation of jade works is not only the creation process of luxury goods, but the cohesion and presentation of humanistic thoughts, emotions, values ​​and professional wisdom.

Speaking of the jade works of Zhifuyuan, Shen is like a family, like a loving mother, and every piece is like her beloved child. A "treasure of the earth" uses Huanghua's own characteristics to make it a Tibetan king of Bodhisattva. The part of Huangpi is like a flaming flaming, creating a special artistic conception. A "love to follow" is based on a pale yellow jade like a tree fossil, shaped into a jade bamboo, and a pair of beetles that love each other. She said that the completion date of each piece, just as the face of the child grows up, hopes to find someone who understands it, loves it, and can't bear to leave it. This sharing process is not a transaction, but a solemn commitment. She hopes that each of her "children" can find the person who knows the beauty and loves it the most, and enjoys a happy life together.

This kind of maternal love is reluctant, letting Shen record the deep emotions of each piece with her heart, let her share her understanding and understanding of jadeite in the form of words, and share the humanities and empires contained in jade. Aesthetic. These knowledge and sentiments are presented one by one in her jade books. If you read her "Jadeite Aesthetics" carefully, you may have a scene like this in front of your eyes: an intellectual woman who breathes with the jade, sometimes holding an old jade bracelet affectionately, explaining its transformation process; sometimes Innocently playing with his collection of ornaments, please inform the ingenious details of the work; sometimes solemnly look at the unfinished inlay works, carefully explain its carving process; sometimes elegantly hold up the beautiful pendant, sweetly telling its testimony love story.

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