Method for removing glass glue tips and purchasing glass glue

[China Glass Net] Glass glue is a commonly used adhesive in households. Its main component is sodium silicate (Na2O·mSiO2), which is easily soluble in water and sticky. It is also called water glass in the south and soda alkaloid in the north. We are unfortunately stuck with glass glue when decorating a house with glass glue or bonding home objects. How will we remove these beautiful glass glues! The following small series will introduce you how to remove glass glue quickly and effectively.

Glass glue removal method one:

The so-called glue, connector, or glue, everyone knows that it is easier to clean when not curing, no matter where it is glued, clothes, body, utensils; some need only gently wipe with a rag, add some water Oh, it's easy to remove, so it's easier to clean without curing.

Glass glue removal method two:

When you install the glass on these relatively smooth items, accidentally get the glass glue, you can use a knife or a blade to gently scrape off; need to pay attention to this is a little manual technique, do not shave your own glass It took me.

Glass glue removal method three:

Different glass glues have different properties. For example, acid glass glue and neutral glass glue, the chemical contained in it is different; it is not possible to use the same removal method, otherwise it is easy to cause unexpected regret, it is very bad.

Glass glue removal method four :

You can try to remove it with banana water, because one of the main ingredients in banana water is “butyl acetate”, and butyl acetate has a “ban of banana”, which is the name of banana water; pure banana water micro Soluble in water, can be effectively dissolved in various organic solvents, the effect is good.

Glass glue removal method five:

Use nail polish. The usage is also the same as alcohol acetone, and the effect is very good. Nail polish does not require quality, good or general, as long as it can wash away the nail polish. After all, the nature of nail polish itself is similar to that of glass glue, and it is also a type that is difficult to clean after being in a solid state with high viscosity.

Different ways to remove glass glue are different:

How to remove the glass glue on the fabric?

1 use alcohol to soak (trying it is not good at all, I do not want to use it)

2 glass glue is silicone rubber, use acetone (good)

3 The effect of removing the glass glue with xylene is good.

How to wash the glass glue on the hand?

1. You can try to wipe with toothpaste. Can be quickly removed 2. Can be removed with pure banana water. Pure banana water is slightly soluble in water, soluble in various organic solvents, flammable, mainly used as a solvent and diluent for painting.

3. You can brush with a stiff brush.

How to choose the right glass glue:

There are many varieties of glass glue on the market, such as acid glass glue, neutral weathering glue, silicate neutral structural glue, silicone stone glue, neutral mold glue, hollow glass glue, aluminum plastic board special glue, aquarium special glue. , large glass special glue, bathroom anti-mild special glue, acid structural glue and so on.

1. Read the instruction manual carefully before purchasing glass glue.

Although glass glue is very inconspicuous, it is an auxiliary material that is frequently used in the home decoration process, such as the countertop and kitchen wall, the fixed basin and the toilet. Some consumers often don't know the performance of glass glue, they often "come two bottles", no matter what material is glued, the same glass glue is used. In fact, different conditions apply to different properties of glass glue. If the wrong glass glue is used, it will cause the rubber strip to break, mold, and even the window leaks, the table surface leaks and other troubles. Therefore, consumers should choose the glass glue according to the specific use.

2, the performance is different, the usage is different

Glass glue for home decoration is mostly silicone material, which is divided into three types according to their properties: neutral glass glue, acid glass glue and water glass glue. Acidic glass glue has strong bonding force and is corrosive to some materials. It is suitable for materials with limited irritating taste. Neutral glass glue is suitable for marble, metal, glass and other materials. The irritating taste is smaller, but the bonding force is small. Relatively weak; water-based glass glue, weak bonding force, slow curing process, but can be painted on dry after drying, less used in the home decoration process.


Many people do not understand the performance of glass glue, it is easy to use neutral glass glue and acid glass glue, causing unnecessary trouble, such as the use of acid glass glue to install the mirror will cause the mercury on the back side to be corroded. Most of the glass glues currently on the market also have functions such as mildew resistance, weather resistance (high temperature resistance, low temperature), and consumers should choose according to actual needs. In general, bathroom basins and toilets, kitchen countertops should choose glass glue with anti-mildew properties, acidic or neutral; metal ceiling, shower room, mirror should choose mildew-resistant neutral glass glue , but not acidic; smoke machine stoves, glass windows should choose weather-resistant glass glue. The fish tank has high requirements on the waterproof and bonding properties of the glass glue. The acid structure type sealant should be used, or the new type of glass glue of polyurethane type can be used, but the price is higher, and a bottle of 300 ml glass glue is about 100 yuan.

Most glass adhesives are marked with the material to be bonded, and some are marked with different bonding strengths. Consumers should be able to read the instructions carefully when purchasing glass glue.

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