Shower room maintenance knowledge knows!

[China Glass Network] Long-term use without cleaning and maintenance will inevitably lead to accumulation of stains in a corner and reduce the service life of the shower room. For the average family, taking a little time to clean and maintain the shower room regularly can reduce the maintenance costs of the shower room. How to maintain the shower room to achieve perfection?

First, clean

When cleaning the walls and bottom of the shower, use a soft, dry cloth. If there is slight dirt, please use a soft cloth or sponge to clean with a neutral detergent. When removing stubborn dirt, please remove it with alcohol.

When using the bathroom-specific detergent, be sure to use it properly in accordance with the precautions stated on its container. Incorrect use can cause adverse effects on the human body and can easily cause some undesirable conditions in the product.

Second, how to use and maintain the pulley of the shower room
1. Push-pull shower door, currently has two methods: sliding block and sliding wheel.

2, pulleys, sliders should pay attention to the problems in use:

(1) Avoid the following force to hit the movable door to avoid causing the movable door to fall off. (2) Pay attention to regularly clean the slide rails, pulleys, sliders, and add lubricant (lubricating oil or lubricating wax);

(3) It is to adjust the adjusting screw of the slider regularly to ensure the effective bearing and good sliding of the sliding door to the movable door.

Third, the maintenance of tempered glass

1. Do not hit or hit the glass surface with sharp objects to avoid damage. 2. Do not wipe the glass surface with corrosive liquids of the water, so as not to damage the surface gloss. 3. Do not wipe the glass surface with rough materials to avoid scratches. .

Fourth, the maintenance of aluminum alloy frame

Electrostatic spraying products (refer to solid sprays such as white, bone, blue, yellow, red, purple, etc.);

First of all, it is necessary to prevent the direct sunlight and the explosion of sunlight, because the resin material and the color-based powder may be photosensitive, causing the sprayed layer to fade;

Secondly, it cannot be wiped with corrosive liquid or material;

Third, the surface cannot be wiped with rough materials (including toothpaste);

Fourth, you can't use sharp objects to describe the surface. If there is stain on the surface of the aluminum, please wipe it with a neutral wash and clean water.

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