The rumors of wearing Emerald, then, are they true?


Dai Jade has taboos that almost everyone who bought jade has heard of it. So, are they true?

Dai Jade listens to the master's words?

Many so-called Feng Shui masters, constellation experts often recommend this year to bring this next year, if you buy the jade is A goods, if you want to continue the evil spirits, unless you can get a real Buddhist master or Taoist master Open the jade, otherwise, it is extremely stupid to change your jade frequently, especially those who wear Buddha statues and portraits.

The longer you wear the jade, the more spiritual you will be. Another example is the birth of a stone in the West. Do you want to wear different jewelry wheels every month for 12 months? Although the people who are in the third and fourth quarters have pursued, they have entered the category of dishonesty, and the outlook on life is also not determined.

Can the jade meaning be worn casually?

The true jade is beneficial to the human body, and the benefits of jade are also indivisible. However, the pursuit of evil spirits or luck is very particular. Rugao, if you are not a soldier, not a butcher, not a gangster, not a fierce person, you should not be too eager to wear on your body, but at home or in the office. You are wearing a zodiac, so you must wear your own zodiac. Whatever you wear, it will be the same forever. Emerald safety buckles, no matter what cards are not suitable for both men and women.

Wearing jade and other jade is fine?

This must not be. The jade market is mixed, too many stores are shoddy, using B goods C (ie pickling, injection, dyeing) fake jade. From a health point of view, this kind of jade has a certain impact on the health of the body. The merchants who sell fake jadeites are only used for a moment, regardless of the safety of others. You can't buy cheaper or buy a jade that looks pretty but not a cargo.

Jade does not need to wear every day?

The purpose of jade wearing a neck is to guard the day and night. It is worn on the body. It is recommended to wear it at any time. Even if it is bathed in the toilet, as long as it is not covered with sputum or surrounded by jade and stolen goods, you must carry it with you. Without respect, there is no need to wear a cross or Guanyin.

Jade is broken, don't throw it?

After the jade is broken, don't throw it away. Although it is not complete, it is not beautiful, but it can still be processed into a complete jade ornament. Although it will be small, it is still "all". From the perspective of Yu Yangren, the aura of jade is still there, still recognize you as the master and guard for you. If it's not pretty, collect the pieces and discard them. Just as you discard your friends, luck is not on your side.

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