11 truths about honey wax you don't know



1. What is old beeswax?

There are not many friends who can touch the old beeswax. Many channels have different interpretations of the old beeswax. Let's not talk about who is right or wrong. Explain here clearly the interpretation of the old beeswax in the real old beeswax circle: The old beeswax is a finished product polished by beeswax. After years of baptism, it has been passed down through the grinding. In the tunnel, the patina, the weathered lines and the color, the traces of the years are reflected. In some popular terms, it can be said that the old beeswax is an old beeswax, an antique inside the beeswax, or an antique wax!

2. How to determine the specific year of the old beeswax, how long can it be attributed to the old beeswax?

This is a false proposition. No one can tell you exactly how old this wax is, and no one can say that even a few years of old wax is not counted, but in the old beeswax circle. It is generally understood that if a beeswax has reached the purple or even purple-black skin, this beeswax is generally over a hundred years old or even a few hundred years old. Based on the antecedent, we have a time base for estimating the color of other beeswax. For beeswax whose color is still close to the new beeswax but also has a certain natural oxidation, it is called “small year”. The price of the beeswax in the small year is not the price of the old beeswax, and the price is closer to the new wax. Or perfection! (The old beeswax mentioned here only contains the old wax of West Asia and the old wax of Europe but does not contain the wax and the beads.)

3. The original wax stone was formed after millions of years of millions of years. Why is there a saying called "old stone", which one is older?

Yes, the raw wax stone is formed after millions of years and millions of years. It is a real old beeswax. The so-called old rough stone has an explanation in the old honey circle, that is, this raw stone is not immediately made into finished products after mining (including sea materials and mineral materials), but is packaged and stored for a relatively long period of time, during which time beeswax The original stone has undergone a long period of natural oxidation, including some of the original stone sections also have dark oxidation, and the patina appears! There are also some original stones that have been mined as the beloved things that people often caress and play. These rough stones have never been polished but have been played for a long time, forming a unique original stone patina, warm and restrained, colorful, This part is also called the old rough!

4. What is Tibetan?

In the old beeswax circle, some people do not recognize the existence of wax, they think that Tibet itself does not have beeswax production, although the beeswax belongs to the Tibetan seven treasures, but basically the wax that the Tibetans wear is through other places. Transfer in, so in their view such beeswax can not be called Tibetan wax! Here we talk about the definition of supporting the Tibetan wax: Tibetan wax is the Buddhist seven treasures in Tibetan Buddhism. The early Tibetan wax was not easily held by temples or nobles because of the unique customs and wear of Tibetans. Habits, wax is more distinctive than West Asia, Europe and even the early China Central Plains, such as the Pearl, etc.: the wax color of the Tibetan wax is rarely red or even purple red skin, the wax is basically no open weathering, and even the pores are rare. The whole wax is more gentle and delicate. Unlike the new wax, the wax is mostly light but the patina is mellow and warm.

5. Wax beads and other

There are some beeswax beads in the official system of the Qing Dynasty. If you have any questions, you can go to the Palace Museum to observe the experience yourself. The beeswax beads that I am talking about here are some of the criteria for the scattered folks. The premise of the Pearl is naturally the early ministers. As for the use, the car technology of the middle and late Qing Dynasty round beads has been very mature. In the same period, the use of beeswax in Europe has long been more mature in us. If the beads of the same age should be identified as the Qing Dynasty or European goods? In fact, this problem is very difficult. It can only be said that a unified understanding so far is to see whether it is circulated and viewed. If a string of identical beads is passed down, it is naturally relatively well-defined. However, if there are some special factors in the process of circulation, such as the loss of the turbulent period or the loss of individual beads, the remaining ones cannot be stringed. The most stringent criterion for judging is to look at the tunnel. The special function of the bead gives it a special appearance. The beeswax wears little toward the bead, and the hole is relatively perfect and delicate. Although it is worn every day, the use of the bead is small, and the color of the patina is gorgeous. Can be said to be unspeakable!

6. What is a bone?

The definition of the text can be searched for Baidu. One of the viewpoints is not judged here. It is the origin of a big fire in ancient times. At that time, as the resin of the early bones, it was baked on the outside of the fire but did not ignite. So, the formation of hundreds of billions of bubbles, and thus the formation of bones, I am not convinced. Here we first say a few points that can be confirmed: the bones are relatively light, and the scent of the scent before the fine grinding is very curable for a considerable number of fans. Generally, the ribs appear white or porcelain white. It is thick white like milk, and many of the waters that look like they don't touch the bones.

7. Does the bone have a grain?

The answer is yes, no matter what level of bones and bones are textured, the bones are an upgraded version of the top white, and the moiré of the bone can refer to the characteristics of the beeswax white material.

8. Will the bones oxidize and turn yellow?

The answer is yes, just like people will get older, when the wax is getting old, the color will get deeper and deeper, and the bones are no exception!

The oxidation time of the above-mentioned yellowed bone beads and barrel beads is about 3 to 3.5 years!

9. What is the typical moiré of beeswax white material?

The white beeswax is especially top-grade white, and the moiré is naturally comfortable. It is often expressed as a layered pattern of moiré. The state of the moiré can also be used as a reference for a considerable part of the finished or original stone. The characteristics of the moiré are: either for smooth cascading or for messy interlacing, but the ash is most likely to have a plug-in moiré or a wedging moiré. When faced with a pile of lines, there is occasional obvious blocking pattern of the waist. Sometimes it appears that in the opposite layered moiré, there is suddenly a moire-like moiré inserted obliquely in the other opposite moiré, so the beeswax of the attribute is undoubtedly!

10. What is sea drift?

Sea drift is relative to mines. The mining of amber beeswax is divided into mining on the land and mining in the ocean. It is well understood on land that the amber rough that is naturally mined on land is called mine. The mining in the ocean is mainly concentrated in countries such as Denmark, Poland and even Germany. The original stone is mainly collected by the monsoon every year, and the storm is overwhelming. When the seawater is stirred, the amber rough contained in the seabed will be under the action of seawater. Stir up and wash to the shore, then the amber salvage will salvage the original stone, such a material called sea drift.

11. What is a seed material, is there a difference between sea drift and seed material?

The seed material is a kind of sea drift, and the sea float contains the seed material. The seed material has its own unique appearance compared to ordinary sea drift. Simply put, the typical seed material has a small apex, sometimes like a big comma is very cute, the seed material is played more with a full leather piercing or independent inlay, generally do not agree with the seed material peeling, narrow Said that because the finished product is rare, the price is higher than ordinary sea drift.

12. What is chicken yellow?

Chicken yellow, this noun that has been asked and defined many times, in fact, as the name suggests, the color of the beeswax feels like chicken oil, but because the heart of each person's heart is different, finally we The benchmarks found are also very different. I want to tell those friends who are entangled here, as long as you like it, as long as it is natural!

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