Long-awaited • Highlights - City Women's 8th Anniversary Celebration and New Orleans Spring-Summer 2016 Countdown


The city's attention, long-awaited!

8-year anniversary celebration of urban women heart and spring and summer 2016 new orders will be 2 days!

The ceremony will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Huadu District, September 8th, 9th, then, the family members of a woman's heart the city, joining business partners, suppliers, and invited guests gathered to join the festivities.


In order to better present this 8th anniversary celebration and 2016 spring / summer new orders, the heart and companions have spared no effort to prepare for the preparations so that the celebration can achieve the best results for everyone to see Belong to urban woman's heart wonderful!

Secretly tell everyone a secret Oh! 8 anniversary celebration, there are heart-to-heart show too! Do you want to see? Remember the 8th for everyone live! See who can find out the heart figure, heart sent a random gift! September 8, we meet the same!

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