How can we make turquoise bracelets a perfect patina?

The patina is the trace of the years left in the play piece. This layer of patina is an amber-like surface shell that is gradually formed by the player's long-term care and care of the beads.


From the simple surface gloss that just returned to the beads, it turned into a warm luster, just like hanging a layer of "porcelain face" for the beads. It is subtle and unobtrusive, giving people a kindness, like a gentleman of ancient times, modest and awkward, and always can feel the spring breeze when it comes into contact with it. It is in line with the education of a Confucian. However, it should be noted that some of the peasmen used long sweats to smash the beads for a long time. At first glance, the gloss became weaker, and then nodded oil, face oil, nose oil, etc., so that the surface of the beads formed a layer of black. The weak light substance, pro, it is not a "pachet", but a layer of old sludge.

The principle of patina: patina, as the name suggests: wrapped in a layer of slurry.

So what is the source of this layer of "pulp"? This begins with understanding the ingredients of human palm secretions.

1. The composition of the palm secretions. The skin on the human hand secretes two substances: sweat and sebum. Sweat is secreted by the small sweat glands. For turquoise coloring, sweat plays a leading role. Sebum is secreted by the sebaceous glands and it is a mixture. It contains a variety of lipids, mainly saturated and unsaturated free fatty acids, triglycerides, waxes, sterols, squalene and liquid paraffin. Sebum is excreted to the surface of the skin, and a part of it adheres to the hair to moisturize the hair; in addition, most of the sebum and sweat are mixed to form a milky sebum film on the surface of the palm skin. This substance is the predecessor of the "pulp".

2. The evolution of the fusion of patina and turquoise. Because the milky sebum film contains lipids and waxes, it has the properties of "oil" and "wax". When it comes into contact with the original ore turquoise, it will quickly penetrate into the pores of the jade. This process will last for about one month. the above. During this time, it will feel that the turquoise is discolored and has a strong sense of absorption. Always feel guilty, the jargon is called "biting." After this stage, the milky sebum membrane and the inside of the turquoise will be further affected by the filler. As the water of the mixture gradually evaporates, the milky sebum membrane is reduced to a cortical mixture, in which a variety of lipids enter the deep inner layer of the turquoise, further with the internal dimension. The fusion, while another part of the wax mixture precipitated to the surface of the turquoise, and solidified into a transparent layer similar to the crystal, which is commonly known as "pasting".

We often see dozens of years and even hundreds of old turquoise stones in Tibetan temples. They are sold for a few thousand grams. The whole body is patina, warm and jade, and the tentacles are cold. A crisp, bright sound is heard when touching each other, such as two porcelains touching each other. The old turquoise in this state is called the old porcelain stone, hanging porcelain, as an upgraded version of the patina, what is the conversion process?

The process of conversion from patina to hanging porcelain.

As a crystal of a waxy substance precipitated in a sebum mixture, the physical state of the slurry is still highly unstable. In the initial patina, in the process of further playing, the newly added milky sebum film will gradually soften the patina. At this time, the surface of the turquoise will feel "tacky" and "returning oil" on the hand. This is a normal phenomenon. . As time goes by, the surface texture of the turquoise is gradually worn, the surface area that the palm can reach is increased, and the wax precipitates on the surface layer are also subjected to extrusion with the long-term play->solidification->squeezing->solidification process . The intermolecular water is gradually lost, and the degree of solidification is intensified. The entire pine stone is covered with pulp, and the depth reaches the level of “three points into the wood”. At this time, the turquoise can be called "porcelain pine". Porcelain can be seen as a hard palate. The fundamental difference between it and the state of palatation is that the porcelain is relatively stable and will not soften due to the addition of a new milky sebum film.

The effect of different palm skin types on hanging porcelain. According to the amount of sweat and sebum in the palm skin, the skin quality is also divided into several types. The state of the porcelain hanging from different skin types is also different.

1 neutral hand

This type of palm sweat, sebum secretion is appropriate, the sebum and water balance in the milky sebum film, the skin type is very healthy,

Between the dry hand and the oil hand. The loose stone of the plate is transparent, and it is the palm of the hand that can be played.

2 dry hands

This kind of palm does not like sweating, and the secretion of sebaceous glands is also small. It is very slow to play with turquoise and patina. The same loose stone, playing until the time of hanging porcelain is several times the neutral hand, but as long as it persists, it can still achieve something.

3 sweat hands

The amount of sweat released from the palm is large, but the amount of sebaceous glands is small, the skin cannot lock in moisture, and some people show a slight scalping phenomenon. This type of palm-panel play is very fast in the early stage of playing the pine stone. It is more important to play for a week than to play the hand for a month. But the rate of patina is very slow, and some even the turquoise is colored without pulping. The loose stones that are played by this kind of palm plate are often colored more heavily, and the quality of the loose stone is not good. The same quality of the turquoise stone hand plays with a darker color, the permeability of the patina is poor, and the hanging porcelain is not obvious.

4 oil sweat hand (sebum hand)

The amount of sweat released from the palm is small, the amount of sebum secretion is large, and the palm is always greasy, and the milky sebum film is high in acidity due to high sebum content. Under the same circumstances, the playing of turquoise is slower, and the pulp is often thick but still not obvious. After the porcelain is hanged, the transparency is excellent. Some of the old turquoise stones played by this type of palm can even feel the transparency of the turquoise in the sun. It is a rare good hand to play the loose stone, and the price of the loose stone that has been played is soaring. It is an art boutique that many collectors are chasing. It can be said that "the hand of God" said so much, summed up: the hand when playing the game must be washed and dry, to ensure that there is no sweat on the hands, when playing, you should feel the smoothness and smoothness of the beads, if you play Feeling that the beads are picking up hands, it is time to stop playing. Be sure to plate around the hole of the bead. There is no need to have time for the dishes every day, and the beads need to rest. After 10 days, the micro-sweat hands can feel the beads have a slight sticky feeling. This is a thin layer of patina that needs to be dried. . Smooth plate play - sticky resistance - dry - smooth plate play (keep the beads clean) so repeated play, the beads will have aura of luster, the well-prepared beads have a layer of glass luster, into the wood three points, this is hanging porcelain It is. How long does it take to fill the ore? There is no standard time depending on the hard work of playing.

The original mine beads and beads play taboo:

1. Do not stick any oil other than skin, otherwise it will “flower face”.

2, can not sweat the hand beads, otherwise it is not easy to "pachet".

3, the moisture is particularly large, can not be beads, otherwise the gloss will be hoarse

4, disc beads can not be used to nail beads.

5, the plate can not be put down one by one, you need to wipe it with a fine cotton cloth.

6, can not be violent, when the beads to avoid the strong collision of the beads, otherwise it will "hair" beads, the previous effort is in vain.

7, can not soak hot water, the gap can not be used in the gap can be gently scrubbed with a soft toothbrush with water.

8, to avoid long time high temperature, easy to lose moisture.

For the real players, the most important thing to play the loose stone is the process of self-cultivation. What type of palm is given by the aunt's parents, in fact, there is no need to lose confidence in the wenwan because of the poor skin type. As long as you play with your heart, your baby can shine, and finally hope that every player can make his ideal patina.

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