MQ big eyes frog double happiness 16 new spring and summer acclaimed Fujian and Tim added a happy newcomer

September 10 - 13, MQ Big Eye Frog held a spring and summer of 16 new orders, dealers across the country gathered in Shantou LAN Bo Star Co., Ltd., 16 spring and summer new orders. Ordering will take advantage of the fiery order will be, Huang Chun, Fujian Quangang specially rushed to the company for investigation, after some inspection and serious comparison, the final choice to join the M & Q big eye frog children's clothing, as part of our extended family. Mr. M & Q expressed his sincere welcome to Mr. Wong and wished Mr. Wong a bright future with rich resources! The left is Fujian Quangang Huang, the right is MQ large-eyed frog retail manager Li Lingquan port - (China's energy capital, China longevity of the town, China Petrochemical City, North China ancient music hometown, South China opera village ) Is located on the southern bank of Meizhou Bay in the central coast of Fujian Province. The geographical coordinates are 118 ° 41'-119 ° 01'E and 25 ° 03'-25 ° 15'N. East of Meizhou Bay, adjacent to the south and Hui'an County, southwest and connected to the Luojiang District, north-west and Xianyou County border. Local business prosperity, sales booming, I believe the arrival of M & Q Big Eye Frog children's clothing is bound to set off a wave of buying. Children's clothing brand to join the business, not only to have the passion and innovation, it also needs a good system, system, team and a good profit model. M & Q big eye frog children's clothing brand discount policy, excellent service team, improve the management system is the majority of franchisees to choose M & Q Big Eye Frog children's clothing the most important reason! M & Q Big-eyed frog children's clothing is one of the representative children's fashion brand in Asia, the brand comes from the perfect combination of classic fashion and personality black and white, M on behalf of handsome cool boy, Q on behalf of the fashion pure beauty of the brand reflects the Asian children imaginative, The pursuit of individuality, the sunshine of the spirit of the times, through the M & Q Big Eye Series clothing gives children more confidence, inspiration and happiness. Inviting Hong Kong, South Korea's famous children's wear design team to join, especially for the pursuit of personality and innovation of the new generation of parents, the brand to create Asia's first fashion children's clothing brand as the goal, the integration of the world trend of color and fashion elements for children to create a full of personality and dreams Fashionable childhood! M & Q big eye frog children hot investment, invites partners across the country to join! Join Hotline:

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Fashion Soft Knit Onesies.
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