NICKIE children's clothing to help you round dream! 80,000 yuan fund waiting for you to come!

NICKIE and Lishui Siamese Cat Child College

To achieve strategic cooperation,

80 million education growth fund rush!

Do you want your baby to stand in front of hundreds of people, stride forward and confidently take steps to grow?

Do you want your baby to stand on the gorgeous stage and meet the spotlight and flashlight to show your talents perfectly?

Do you dream that one day, your baby will appear on the TV screen and become a sought after star?

If you have such a dream, then NICKIE will help you to complete it!

NICKIE & Siamese Cat Child Growth Fund Application Note

1. The first-phase growth fund totals 80,000 yuan. Both new and old students can apply for a quota of 50 students. Each successful student will receive a 1600 yuan education growth fund! Qingtian Branch can share discounts)

2. The students who apply must be Nicie Kids VIP customers.

3. How to Apply: Go to the Nicwi Lishui District Sanmeng Store to collect an application for the Education Growth Fund, prepare two photo-size photos, submit it in duplicate and submit it. After the application is approved, the Education Development Fund will be available for 1600 yuan (This Education Growth Fund is only available. Limits and tuition fees for use throughout the year, not to be used in conjunction with other activities);

4, application address:

NICKIE Ten Thousand Stores (Diagonally opposite Starbucks Place)

NICKIE flagship store (132-140 Jiguang Street, Lishui)

NICKIE Lishui Baida Store (6th Floor, Lishui Department Store)

Siamese cat students participate in NICKIE2015 autumn and winter product show

Secretly tell you: NICKIE will work with Siamese Cat Child students to build a small model database; NICKIE's VIP students will share the performance output platform of Siamese Cat Child Trainees!

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