This year's entire fashion style highlights the decorative retro and handmade feel (Figure)

The glittering gold will be applied to every corner of the world. Dazzling golden colors have different luster and shine. They are full of charm and visual impact, emphasizing a sense of luxury and nobleness. The exaggerated colors make the costumes look like an elegant temperament...

The most IN shoes in the summer of 2005, we feel is a strong feminine atmosphere, this female sense is a retro modern girl, on the Other is as if the romantic girl-like feeling round shoes popular. The heel will be more diversified, tower-like or asymmetrical, or tall or wide. Designers are also unique in their choice of colors...

This year's entire fashion style highlights decoration, retro and handmade. Lace-up shoes and platform shoes are reproductions of this style. Platform shoes were popular five years ago, but new elements and changes have been added this year. Compared with previous years, the shape of the shoes, the heel is getting more and more thick, more and more high (9 cm ~ 10 cm high heels are very popular ...

In addition to a more diversified health function appeal, walking shoes are no longer just patents for sports and leisure brands. Now even the old-fashioned leather shoes brands that specialize in commuter’s fashion shoes are preparing to grab this pie, especially in its original form. With the stylish and stylish upper design, it is more competitive. ...

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